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A training bag is a good way of developing your strikes by working on your impact and coordination. There are various types of these bags and each type targets different aspects of whatever martial art you choose to train in. One such type is the double end bag.

Best Double End Bags

what sets Double End Bags apart from the regular ones is that it retaliates, which makes it perfect to train your defenses. Other things that can improve are your reflexes, accuracy of your strike and co-ordination like the usual bags. Within the category of double end bags, are two sub-categories: first is called the single bag which is in the shape of a small teardrop but it is faster and harder to hit and the second one is called the Mexican double end bag which is two single bags join together, means they have a larger size and weight; they are perfect for training strikes like uppercuts as they do not move around too quickly. Let us now take a look at some of the top tier double end bags of these two categories.

Ringside Leather Bag

The first comes the Leather Bag Ringside as one of the top double end bags for training your strikes on every scale. True to its name, the shell of the bag is made out of leather, which also gives the bag its durability and correct bounces. The loops at the bottom and top are triple reinforced so the bag stays consistent for a long time. Along with the bag itself, you will be given two cables for setting up the bag; the process is relatively simple and the materials themselves are of high quality. The fast set up process ensures that you get to training as soon as possible.


Title Boxing Double End Bag

This double end bag is sure to give you a tough workout as the bounces are super quick and hitting them accurately will take a lot out of you. This also makes the double end bag from title ideal for advanced level boxing or MMA training for the people who really strive to improve by making the most out of their workout sessions. The bag is available in three sizes: 6”, 7” and 9” diameters; the construction of the bag is also well done as the material used is good quality leather along with triple nylon stitching. You are getting your money’s worth with such a durable and consistent product.


Title Boxing Mexican Style Double End Bag

This is Title’s take on the Mexican Style double end bags and they have really outdone themselves in checking out all of the things that you expect out of a double end bag of this type. It is thoroughly designed to train your punches by allowing for more variations, combinations and powerful strikes than your standard traditional bags.  It comes with both top and bottom cables along with the hooks so that you can set it up as soon as possible. The shell of the bag is made out of full leather, has reinforced stitching for good durability and has loops so that you can train with convenience or consistency.


RDX Maya Hide Leather Boxing Bag

The RDX Maya stands out from the other bags in this list because it has a different design, one that makes it harder for the athletes to punch it. This is a great option for really refining your accuracy and coordination when it comes to strikes, many opt for it because of this extra difficulty. The bag comes with an adjustable 48” bungee cord which calibrates the ball regardless of the angle it was hit it and also allows you to adjust the bag according to your height. The shell is made out of leather and is strengthened by a twin textile layer on the inside.


MaxxMMA Double End Punching Bag Kit

The MaxxMMA double end bag gives you a lot of stuff with its purchase. It is perfect for someone who wants to train casual or hardcore at home, gym or when they are on a vacation. You can set up the bag anywhere as you will be given a kit which contains: a pack, a ball, the cords, gloves, a basement, and a pump. The bag is light and is relatively easy to use, it is ideal for beginners or for kids who are in training. The cool thing is that you can get the bag and all of the stuff with it at a reasonable price.

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