Best MMA and Muay Thai Ankle Support 2020

When training with Muay Thai or  MMA , you will find yourself exerting a great amount of pressure on your muscles. That stress often is the cause of aches or pain in your limbs and when that stress is experienced on a daily basis, you are bound to get an injury. Ankles are one such part of your body that can be affected by this very easily. They are susceptible to the high exertion of stress in your daily workout routine and can cause problems such as soreness, ligament or joint pains and in worse cases, problems with knees and legs.

This vulnerability can be avoided by using an ankle support, guard or wrap, as they are called by many practitioners of Muay Thai. The ankle supports give the user joint stability by preventing it from moving out of place. The material it is made of is usually breathable and it keeps the whole area warmed up. Another benefit of using ankle wraps is that the material provides a steady grip on the mats and prevent from slipping over, always primed and ready for a strike.

It is also good practice to know what kind of Muay Thai gear you are taking with you before you work out. They have to be of high quality to give you the best benefit, that being said, here are some of the best ankles supports that you can find on the market. Read more about  Best MMA and Muay Thai Ankle Support in 2020.

Best MMA and Muay Thai Ankle Support 2020

we reviewed some of the Best MMA and Muay Thai ankle supports on the market. Products that we reviewed are:

  • Dragon Do Ankle Supports
  • Hayabusa Ashi MMA Foot Grips
  • Venum Kontact Muay Thai Ankle Wraps
  • Fairtex Ankle Supports

Dragon Do Ankle Supports

The Dragon Do ankle supports boost the resilience of the wearer during his practice of any MMA, especially Muay Thai. If you are someone who wants to get the best protection possible for the right price then Dragon Do ankle wraps is the way to go. The wraps provide a comfortable fit; do not lead to any restriction in movements. They have a soft material to keep it light. Due to their special ergonomic design, the ankle supports give out the best possible compression to stick to the feet and give a high amount of protection. Whenever you exercise with these wraps on, the exerting pressure to the heel and ankle will be compressed and thus decrease any risk of injuries, aches or pain.

Hayabusa Ashi MMA Foot Grips

The Hayabusa Ashi MMA foot grips have more features than your standard ankle support. If you want more mat friction and more area coverage for defense, then these are the thing for you. The material used is a bit thicker and is designed to cover more area around your foot to increase stability. The bottom of the wraps is also laced with a good traction material to give you an advantage in slippery environments. The foot grips also provide a good fit and high padding around the upper area of the foot.

Venum Kontact Muay Thai Ankle Wraps

Venum is a very famous manufacturer of BJJ and Muay Thai equipment. Albeit a bit pricey, their products are of one of the highest quality. The Venum Kontact wraps provide a strong and sufficient amount of padding when you are working out. The wraps are made out of thick, high-quality cotton and are easy to fit into. The cotton material also adds a lightweight and high breathability for the overall product. The Venum Kontact wraps are also available in six different colors from which you can determine the best contrast for your entire kit.

Fairtex Ankle Supports

Fairtex is one of the top brands to consider when you going to purchase some gear for Muay Thai. They are known for being the makers of the official fight gloves for the Strikeforce MMA promotion event. The Fairtex Ankle supports are no doubt, testament to their high-quality skills and vast reputation. The wraps stick fairly to you, even during the toughest training sessions. The elastic fabric used to make them can fit a wide variety of sizes without the compromise on durability. You can train uninterrupted and as rigorous as you like without having the worry to change the ankle wraps in-between.

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