Best Muay Thai Pads for 2020 – Top Products Reviews

Muay Thai is well known for frequent use of pads, especially for kicks. So, if you want to train Thai boxing properly, Muay Thai pads, also known as kick pads, are a compulsory piece of equipment for you. Below you will find how to choose it, take care of it properly and the list of Best Muay Thai Pads available on the market right now.

What to look for when buying Muay Thai pads?

The purpose of the Muay Thai pads is to allow you to boost your kicking power, accuracy and speed. Thanks to it you learn proper techniques in the kicks against a real target, while at the same time it offers protection to the pad holder. They should be durable enough to absorb high impact strikes, either from shins or knees, for a long time. Below you will find more factors to consider when selecting Thai boxing pads.


When buying Muay Thai pads firstly look at its thickness. A good one will have enough padding so the person holding it will not feel the shock of every kick. Using cheaper, not thick enough pads will only result in the bruised arm of the holder.


Most brands offer 4 sizes of Muay Thai pads: small, medium, large and extra-large. Here you just have to choose between greater comfort and protection. Smaller pads might be easier to hold and won’t tire out your arms as much, but they won’t provide the same level of protection as thicker, bigger pads offer. In general, however, the sizes of the pads are just rather dedicated to the size of the person using it. The small size is recommended for women and smaller guys. For the “average” man medium will be good. And large ones are recommended for quite tall people, while extra-large for super tall and generally “big” people.


Depending on the brand, the pads differ slightly in shape. Some are long and narrower when others are closer to squares. The ones shorter from the height are less forgiving if a person doesn’t kick the pads on the exact spot that you want. While the longer ones can be sometimes difficult to hold because of its size. However, this choice is a personal preference. You just have to choose which Muay Thai pads will better suit your pad holding style. It is worth remembering here that you can differentiate between good or bad Thai pads by how comfortable they are during use.


When it comes to Muay Thai pads most of the time quality and price go together. If you want better protection you just need to pay a bit more. You might be tempted to buy a cheap set of kick pads. However, by doing that you only risk some injury. Cheaper pads simply don’t offer enough thickness. While using such pad your arms will end up taking a lot more damage than it should. Even though Thai boxing is a contact sport, you should still do what you can to protect your body from unnecessary damage.

Maintenance and cleaning of your Muay Thai pads

You should remember about drying your Thai boxing pads after every training. Thanks to that it will last longer. If you don’t do it, leather gets soaked and if you will leave it in the bag like that, it can stay moist. Doing so regularly will end up with leather starting to tear near the stitches.

To clean the pads rub it with some natural cleaning products or some sanitary sprays. Just make sure that you wipe them down thoroughly, don’t miss even an inch. You don’t want the bacteria from the gym to stay on your Muay Thai pads. Dirty pads are an easy way to get some skin infection. If someone with some skin disease is kicking your pads, the next person who will kick it can catch than infection. It is better to avoid such diseases than to treat them afterward, so just take care of the cleanliness of your kick pads. Especially if you are training with different people.

When is high time to replace your Thai boxing pads?

Just like everything, even your Muay Thai pads you cared about a lot, will destroy after some time. It’s the natural way of things, nothing lasts forever, including your kick pads. How long your Thai pads last depends on how much you use them and if you take good care of it. Moreover, the climate you live in is ​​important for the durability of your pads. Your gear will last longer in colder, drier climates than in tropical, more humid ones.

After some time and a lot of use, the padding inside the pads will start to bend inwards in a concave shape. After this happen the cushioning in the middle of the pads will be pushed out to the side. You may not notice it at first, but you will soon feel it. The first sign that you need to buy new Muay Thai pads is when you start to feel the huge impact of the kicks on your arm through the padding.

The next thing that can prove that this is the end of life of your kick pads is the stitching along the side of the pad. When the seams loosen or even begin to rip the material inside the pad will start coming out. It’s a clear sign that your Thai pads don’t protect you as well as they did at the beginning.

Best Muay Thai Pads

Having a good Muay Thai Pads is very important if you want to grow in this sport. Thanks to it you will prevent yourself from getting bruises or even some more serious injury. Some of the best Muay Thai Pads are shown below.

Twins Special 

Twins are a manufacturer based in Thailand and make great equipment for MMA. Their fighting pads are used by 75% of the trainers in Thailand, making them very popular. They are made from real white leather and are designed to be used in various degrees of climate, whether colder or dry. According to their users, they have lasted for years despite the massive heavyweights and sparring sessions plus they offer good protection to the user.


Fairtex Pads 

Fairtex make products that are super durable and comfortable to the wearer. They have thick padding, compared to other manufacturers, to protect your forearms, especially the one around the circled target which makes it easier on the shins. Even though their padding is thick, the products are surprisingly light which makes it easier for you to hold them for a long duration. Fairtex is the leading Muay Thai brand in the world and these are the proof of that.


Everlast Thai Pads

The Everlast Thai pads are a professional level product available within the reach of a great budget while offering good protection and comfort. It is made with authentic Thai design and has multiple layers of high density foam that offers high shock absorption. It also has a hook and loop strap that makes the handle solid and easy to hold on to. One of the key features is that the size is so small that it can be maneuvered easily for training quick strikes.


Contender Fight Sports

Contender Fight Sports pads are a great product for the beginners because of their thick and large design. Each pad comes with a riveted handle that offers great control and stability for the user. They are made from clean vinyl and their padding is done from a high density foam, this offers them high durability and shock absorption. Because of the vinyl lacing, the pad is very rigid after a prolonged usage of sparring sessions which makes this piece of equipment noticeable for its stitching, it stays strong for a very long time.


RDX Thai Pads

RDX Thai pads are made with strong and heavy construction. They include three layers of IMT gel foam for shock absorption and straps to keep the pad attached to your arm. The reason it is so popular is because of the comfortable curve that cushions the middle and the incredible amount of padding it has. It is made with Maya hide leather that offers high durability and gives you increased control with your hands. Fighters have their eyes on this product because of the reasonable price as well.

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