Black Belt Chokes Out White and leaves him Unconscious

As the backstory goes this white belt came to Brazil and in a disrespectful manner asked a black belt to roll with him.

As you can see in a video white belt didn’t tap on time and got choked out. But what you can also see is an attitude of this black belt. After he put him to sleep he’s looking at this white belt and you can clearly see that he doesn’t care much about him and his condition. Just like all other guys in the gym who were laughing to him.

Although we don’t know what happened before let’s assume that this white belt was “rude” when he asked black belt to roll. Maybe he doesn’t know the rule that the lower belt is not supposed to ask a higher belt to roll or his voice tone was bad or something else. Let’s assume that this white belt is the most disrespectful person you can meet in the gym.

But is there anything that can justify the act of this black belt?  Is this black belt an example of what the BJJ black belt should represent? Would you feel comfortable if your instructor did this?

Posted by The Dynamic Grappling Network on Wednesday, August 9, 2017