BJJ Brown Belt Challenges Random Guy, gets Submitted Instead

In this video, we see a BJJ brown belt from Korea challenging Case Bradford, an athletic guy who wrestled in high school. The brown belt was confident that he could submit him in under 2 minutes.

He explained:

Earlier this summer i was challenged on Santa Monica beach to roll jiu jitsu by a random man visiting Los Angeles from South Korea, claiming to be a brown belt.

He offered me a $20 prize if i could survive a 2 minute roll without being choked or submitted. not only did i survive, but i turned the tables and choked him out seconds before the 2 minute mark. i trained up to a blue belt level in Gracie Jiu Jitsu 7 years ago and have not rolled since. Really fun rolling again! Love jiu jitsu i also wrestled in high school i know he did not tap to the choke, my figure four body lock must have been really tight. many viewers are commenting on his belt status. i have rolled against Purple and Brown belts before and never had any chance of winning… Seems like there are many variables that go into belt status worldwide. – Gi vs No-Gi – Competition vs Casual – Size and Athleticism play a role as well ”