No Match for Her: Little girl proves size doesn’t matter with RNC

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), size and strength are not always the determining factors in a match. A recent viral video showcased a grown man being choked out by a small girl (7) using BJJ techniques.

Despite the size and strength difference between the two, the young girl was able to use  RNC to quickly submit him. This video is a powerful reminder of the effectiveness of BJJ techniques in neutralizing a larger and stronger opponent. BJJ relies on leverage, technique, and body positioning to control an opponent, regardless of their size or strength.BJJ is not just a sport, but also a highly effective self-defense system that has been proven to be effective in real-world situations. In fact, BJJ is often used by law enforcement officers and military personnel around the world due to its effectiveness in neutralizing opponents without causing harm.

The video serves as a reminder that in BJJ, technique and skill can overcome size and strength. It’s not about being the biggest or strongest person in the room, but rather having the knowledge and training to use your body effectively in any situation.