See What Happened to the Thief who Wanted to Steal a Mobile Phone, but Ran into a Former UFC fighter

FELIPE COLARES,  Brazilian jiu-jitsu bleck belt and former UFC fighter, managed to defeat a thief who tried to rob a woman’s cell phone on the streets of Brazil. The fighter overpowered the robber and caught him in a chokehold and held him until the police arrived and arrested the young man.

He posted a video on his Instagram profile in which he had already caught the robber, and wrote: “I was walking towards the car, then I went to check if the woman was okay. It was a robbery. My friends and I went back to the car and we saw the guy (the robber). After we saw that he was not armed, we intervened and I was able to keep him on the ground with jiu-jitsu techniques.”

An older man suggested to him: “Kill him, throw him in the ditch, don’t wait for the police,” but Colares calmed the people around him and waited for the authorities. In his career, he has a record of 10 wins and four losses, and in the UFC he won two out of five matches.


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