Police Officer Gets Guillotine Choked by a 15-Year Old

Police came to Merrimac High School because of a traffic incident and as they were leaving, a group of teens started insulting and yelling at them. One of the police officers started to reprimand one of the boys but he walked away, a scuffle ensued and the officer ended up in a guillotine choke in the teen’s closed guard.

“For better or worse, jiu-jitsu is the future. If the fact that a 15-year-old kid in Australia guillotine choked a cop from closed guard isn’t proof of this, then nothing is. We’d like to invite this cop to GST, and if he shows up I’ll teach him how to protect his neck, AND we’ll remind him that it’s not a great idea to arrest someone for filming him in public (regardless of whether or not the kid knows jiu-jitsu).”


15 year old kid put a cop in a guillotine choke from StreetMartialArts