Free Academy Masterplan Course For Martial Arts Schools by Academy Kings

Academy Kings frameworks are built on proven processes that hundreds of martial arts school owners use daily. It takes hard work but can be easier when you have a proven process to follow based on the fundamentals – not flashy and cheap marketing tactics. More about: If you are looking for a framework that will help your martial arts school to improve your income, mindset, and social standing while also making a bigger impact in your community check out Academy kings.


Is the Academy Kings for all academies?

We require you to have a minimum of 15 students. Your business consultant will determine if you meet the requirements for one of our programs.

Does the systems work for ALL martial arts?

Yes, our programs will work for any style of martial arts and fitness center. Your business consultant can help figure out which program makes the most sense for you.

Do I need to know how to run ads to make your systems work for me?

The Academy Kings can help teach you how to run your ads, or run your ads for you! Your business consultant will share how this works during your consultation.

Will the Academy Kings work if I am a “One-man show”?

Yes, most of our members start off as a one-man show. Our systems will help you put a team in place.

I’m in a small town. Will the Academy Kings system work in my area?

YES! We’ve helped hundreds of Academy Owners across the nation grow successful schools. It doesn’t matter if your population is 2,000 or 2 Million, the system works because it’s based on the foundations.

What if my academy is part of a Franchise?

Our system works for franchises across the nation. Talk to one of our business consultants to find out how our systems can work for you.