BJJ Brown Belt Instructor Attacked On The Street

Lamorinda BJJ instructor Mozart Gutierrez was attacked on the streets of San Francisco and he displayed a fine self-defense execution without the use of an excessive force. Something that should everyone do in a street fight if it’s possible.

If you check the video the BJJ Brown Belt instructor Mozart Gutierrez was obviously saying that he was attacked and was telling to people around to call the cops.

The weirdest thing in this situation is that some people around want to help the attacker and no one is saying they’re calling the police. We can say that people are saying he’s homeless, what we don’t know, and it really doesn’t matter in a situation where he’s attacking people.

So, when you’re attacked, you won’t let the guy walk away just like that simply because you’re not sure he won’t attack you again. What if he let him go and a guy pulls out a knife or any other kind of weapon? Would that be a risk of your life and people around you?

To sum it up, the BJJ instructor didn’t do any damage to the guy in this street fight. He didn’t kick him, didn’t punch him, he didn’t make him bleed or have any consequences. He just made sure the guy is calm and won’t attack him again. Wasn’t that the best thing he could actually do?