Buggy Choke Invented by White Belt and Executed in MMA – Commentators Confused

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a limitless sport and there are always new techniques coming out. And here is the proof that grappling martial arts evolving will never stop. This one called Buggy Choke is developed by white belt Austin Hardt.

Austin Hardt is now a blue belt and he’s still winning with Buggy Choke. Tony Pacenski from Soulfight.net said:

“A choke you never saw before will be the next big thing, and best of all it was developed by a white belt. Spread the word. The choke is called the Buggy Choke; there are 3 variations. It was developed by a white belt named Austin Hart from Ralph Gracie’s Team in Northern CA. He came out to Florida to do Rose Gracie’s, Grappling Martial Arts event; however, it was canceled due to the Hurricane.

Rose called me to take care of him. He is a nice guy and caught a couple blue belts with his buggy choke and one brown belt visiting from LA. The choke may not be for everyone, but it is very tricky.”