The Bulldozer Sweep – Highest Percentage Sweep in BJJ

We all know situations when we play the butterfly guard and the opponent is very cautious and simply doesn’t want to engage. Robert Drysdale, ADCC and BJJ world champion in this case uses a highly effective sweep called the Bulldozer sweep.

The Bulldozer Sweep

The secret behind the success of the Bulldozer sweep is that  The person on top usually expects a sweep in three main directions, especially from the butterfly guard.IN this situation opponent usually expects to be swept on sides or for you to take them forward. However, what they don’t expect is you taking them backward. So when to use this sweep then? The answer is when your opponent digs in.

Technically this technique isn’t swept but a double leg takedown. In the situations when you’re in guard and your opponent is on their knees, you can set up to shoot for a takedown. Because nobody is standing, It will just count as a sweep.

 Sweep execution

the Bulldozer butterfly guard sweep is amazing to use when opponents shift their posture backward too much. All you need to do is :

  • switch your legs to one side, which will allow you to go on your knees
  • Shoot to the opponent, head to the outside, and grabbing  to get a double leg
  • keep one knee on the ground, just like for a regular double leg.
  • Sweep to the side
  • Push back your opponent just enough so they lose balance