CrossFit Self-Defense Video! Yes, it exists

Adrian Gonzales CrossFit instructor with his Be Your Own Bodyguard – “Kinetic Chain” self-defense theories is not the only CrossFit instructor to advocate the theory of a CrossFit as a good self-defense platform. There are many others with those theories too. You can check one of them in a video below.

Trying to convince people that are training cross fit that they are able to defend themselves is actually a crime if you ask me. It’s worse Jay Queiroz and other fake black belts and a lot of other fake martial arts instructors. Those fake Black Belts at least watched few videos and maybe they show 1 out 10 right moves that you can really use in self-defense situations.

CrossFit is a whole another story. When you’re training CrossFit you’re not taught to do anything you should do in self-defense situations. Neither a single thing. You can try to “convert” some of your exercises to some kicks, pushes, and punches but it’s not self-defense and it’s definitely not a self-defense martial art.

The main question is, why people just can’t leave the CrossFit to its main purpose and that’s very solid strength and conditioning competitive fitness regimen.

Check out the video below and see by yourself what kind of self-defense CrossFitters are trying to promote and how stupid CrossFit self-defense theory looks like.