Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul : OFFICIAL !

Mayweather will return to the boxing ring on June 6 at the event that will take place at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.  Hard Rock Stadium can hold over 65,000 fans. Given the millions he can guarantee with any event he puts on, it is no surprise that even at age of 44 Floyd is returning to the ring in another exhibition fight.

His opponent will be the famous YouTuber Logan Paul, the brother of Jake Paul, who after the knockout victory over Ben Askren became a ubiquitous topic in the martial arts community.

Mayweather retired with a perfect 50-0 score, while Logan has only one match behind him, and that is the one in which he lost to his fellow YouTuber  KSI by a divided decision of the referees.  Mayweather can weigh no more than 160 pounds for the match while Paul cannot weigh over 190 pounds.