Gordon Ryan: Coach Who Doesn’t Compete Is The Best Possible Situation

Gordon Ryan shares some great details and concepts in a full length interview with dirty white belt podcast. In it, Ryan explains why is it that John Danaher is able to give his students the edge that no other coach is:

“First of all he doesn’t have a kid, a wife, a family, he doesn’t even compete so the only thing he has to focus on is his students vs other great coaches like Andre Galvao, Cyborg, Marcelo Garcia things like that – they’re all great coaches but they all also have competitive aspirations of their own. So competitors tend to be selfish people cause Andre Galvao wants to win black belt Worlds  he also wants his students to win black belt worlds there’s a split between himself and his students whereas John doesn’t have that – everything he does is just for us.”

You can listen to the entire episode of the podcast below: