Jiu Jitsu Guy With No Takedown Skills in a Street Fight – FAIL

Watching this fight we can see that the smaller guy lacks Distance management, situational awareness, hand positioning, verbal de-escalation, common sense etc. He’s missing all Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Basics for these situations.
And from the perspective of a BJJ practitioner, we’ll cover only three major mistakes that the smaller guy did and they will include a self-defense aspect of BJJ.

The first mistake was that the smaller guy got into a fight at all. As a BJJ practitioner, the first lesson you should learn is to avoid fights and don’t fight if you don’t have to. This situation was easily avoidable, although, we don’t know what caused the fight, we can see that big man had no intentions to fight at all. Even when he was able to punch the smaller guy he was just pushing him away.

Second mistake – No Distance management. The smaller guy didn’t manage the distance at all. He could easily get punched once he started threatening as threatening is usually a trigger for someone to make the first move. And he could easily be in a knockout in this situation.

Third Mistake – Hand positioning. Once you find yourself in a situation like this the last thing you want is to have your arms in your pockets or holding a phone in your hands, etc. Your arms should be in front of your head to be ready to defend yourself. And, also, your hands should keep the attacker at a safe distance so you have time to react on a first punch or kick or any kind of attack.