Man Beating Dog Got What He Deserves From The BJJ Black Belt

A man and his wife witness an individual chasing and beating a dog. When they stop to see what is going on they find the man drunk and irate already interacting with other concerned citizens.

When the man’s wife tells the individual the dog needs a leash, he becomes more irate and moves in an aggressive manner towards her. The husband steps in between them and asks the man to back away. The man then lunges toward the husband, throwing a strike towards his face.

Unfortunately for the individual the women’s husband is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and retired pro fighter Dennis Davidson. The fight immediately goes to the ground where the drunk man is subdued until the police arrive.

UPDATE: We have a comment from Black Belt in this clip Dennis Davidson, an instructor at American Top Team Rockledge:

“I am the individual in this video. The strong have an obligation to stand up for those who can not stand up for themselves. In my life, I have been in a lot of fights. Most of which have been the result of me stepping in to help someone who could not help themselves. The sad part of all of this, is that the state of Florida gave the dog back to this man.”