Xande Ribeiro: Impassable guard Concept

 Alexandre “Xande” Ribeiro is two times Black Belt Absolute and five times  Black Belt Heavy Weight World Champion. He is well known as amazing guard player.

His guard was only passed two times in competition and that by BJJ legends  Roger Gracie and Marcelo Garcia.

Xande Ribeiro: Guard Retention Philosophy

2:45 – recovering from smashed half guard

10:03 – defending the knee slice pass

15:55 – posting the elbow and using technical stand up movement to free the bottom leg from the knee slice

16:33 –  concept of “shoulder escaping”

19:35 – discussing the arm weave with Olga

21:34 – defending the “dark side” of the knee shield half guard

23:49 – discussing closed guard

25:48 – using the loop choke to defend the knee slice

28:03 – submitting from the guard rather than sweeping

31:05 – discussing inverting

34:00 – recovering from reverse half guard35:10 – armadillo concept

39:43 – defending the back step

40:13 – defending mount attempt and underhook attempt

42:29 – recovering from kuzure kesa gatame

43:56 – more on recovering from reverse half guard and reverse side control