BJJ Black Belt (without wrestling background) Wins Wrestling Tournament!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Robby Malof wins the Spatola Wrestling Classic in Cincinnati, OH.

Robby was fighting against three high-level wrestlers in that competition. He fought without wrestling shoes against Kentucky state champion, Ohio state placer, and a D1 Wrestler from OU.

Although a lot of people on his facebook were questioning his statement that he had no wrestling background no one seems to prove anything till now.

Here are some of his quotes over Facebook:

“High level BJJ can compete against high level wrestling. No dispute, I proved it today. I will have videos to post in the days to come. In the meantime please share this post if you believe BJJ is the most dominant martial art.”

“Sounds like someone can’t accept the reality that I WON a wrestling tournament. No matter how hard you try James & anyone else you can’t take away the facts. D1 wrestler, Kentucky state champion, Ohio state placer. All other challengers can compete against me under a BJJ rule set and I promise they will all be tapping out or going to.”

“I will gladly accept any wrestlers challenge to a BJJ match and I promise you I will embarrass any wrestler 190lbs and under. Im only 170lbs and I will put $10,000 against someone’s $10,000 to try to beat me in a submission only match. Winner takes all. Otherwise keep trolling because I have no desire to wrestle.”

At the end did he prove that BJJ Black Belts can compete at high level wrestling tournaments. Well YES, some. Is that a rule? NO! And are wrestlers with no BJJ background able to fight at black belt BJJ tournaments? NO! The reason is simple. Wrestling is a huge part of BJJ while BJJ isn’t a huge part of wrestling