BJJ Brown Belt Toys with White Belt Bodybuilder

Bradley Martyn is one of the most popular social media stars with over 2.7M subscribers on his YouTube channel. He’s also a fitness competitor, fitness guru, and online bodybuilding coach. He runs several social media profiles and where he shares his personal experience with training, supplementation, and dieting.

In this video dhe rolls with Sam Ehsan Rajabi who is a brown belt in BJJ and also a Judo black belt.. Before the training session, Rajabi tells the bodybuilder: “We can roll whenever you want bro. Rolling with you is like a warm up.”

As we can see in the video this isn’t Marti’s first class. He was training there before and came back after three months. But, according to what we can see in a video he probably came once before this training session. He stated he came back to BJJ training after three months.