BJJ Diet: What should you eat to win?

BJJ Diet: What should you eat to win?

Whether it’s your first local BJJ competition or you are trying to move up to a regional tournament, one thing remains paramount: your weight. If you can follow the BJJ diet to drop some pounds, your chances of winning become higher.

Cutting weight can be hard, but it’s a winning factor that a competitor cannot do without. The fact is that everyone is cutting down weight so they can drop a to a lower weight class. Are you doing it as well? In this article, you will find three great ways of losing some weight by practicing a BJJ diet.

1) Stay away from sugar  

Sugar is basically everywhere, which makes it tricky to avoid. From cookies to cereals, chocolate to candy, stay away from all! Processed food is unhealthy and bad for you.

A good way to avoid sugar is to always read the labels. If you see, for example, dextrose, corn syrup, glucose, maltose, muscovado and demerara sugar, then you know what to do… A high intake of sugar leads to diabetes and it weakens your system. And yes, it’s true, fruit also contains sugar. But fructose is a different kind of sugar – it’s not processed and it comes from a natural source.

2) Make water your companion

Drinking water never hurt no one, at least the good old plain, unsweetened, unflavored water. And no, I’m not referring to sports drinks, ice tea, diet drinks (which are no better than sodas).

Drink purified and clean water always as it will keep your body hydrated. It will even reduce your appetite, contributing to your goal of losing weight

3) Eat more vegetables

Vegetables are full of healthy fibers, vitamins, and minerals that are great for the body. If you are on the BJJ diet, vegetables should be present in your meal.

From cold salads with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, to cooked vegetables like broccoli, sprouts, beetroots, cabbage, etc. The more diverse and colorful the better, just mix it up.

The fact is that you should include in all of your meals, especially the green ones. Vegetables have the power to fill you in while at the same time being good for your body. Since they don’t contain a lot of calories, you can eat bigger portions without compromising your final goal. That’s why they are essential in any diet.


If you follow these tips, chances are you will cut some weight and improve your game. In fact, these can be applied to everyone that’s looking for a healthier, cleaner eating habits. Treat your body by eating good food and you’ll see your BJJ performance increasing. Of course, there are no miracles, practice and dedication are key. Nonetheless, what you eat is a very important part of it, so don’t forget to give it the importance it deserves.