Best MMA & BJJ Nutrition Books 2020 Guide and Reviews

MMA and BJJ nutrition is based generally on three areas. The first one is pretty obvious and is related to daily eating habits, and a 24/7 meal plan. The second one is related to getting stronger and packing on some healthy muscles. The third one is about weight-cutting which keeps you heavy on the night of the fight. These are some of the best titles of MMA Nutrition books/ bjj nutrition books of 2020. It is a combination of weight cutting, weight gaining, and long-term nutrition plan guides.

Best MMA and BJJ Nutrition Books 2020 Guide and Reviews

The Gracie Diet – Revised Edition by Rorion Gracie

Carlos Gracie throughout his lifetime developed, polished, and perfected the Gracie Diet to make sure that the health and strength of all Gracie clan members is up to the mark. For the first time, Rorion Gracie, the nephew of Carlos Gracie, has shared the great secrets of Gracie’s family tradition. These high-quality traditions have existed for more than 75 years. This book will guide you on two important things. Firstly, the knowledge about how members of Gracie’s family live their long, healthy and energetic life. The second thing is the understanding of how to infuse yourself with willpower, self-discipline and healthy thinking. This book with vital information is a must in the list of best BJJ nutrition books of 2019. This amazing book is available online for $24.95 only. Read  more about Gracie diet.


Fighter’s Body by Loren Christensen

Loren Christensen is one of the authors who has great knowledge about MMA, knows the ins and outs of MMA nutrition completely, and recognizes the needs of MMA athletes. The co-author of this book, Wim Demere adds more weight to this amazing book by including his views and knowledge about MMA. This is a perfect choice for all the different aspects of MMA nutrition. This book is available online for $15.25 only.


Nutrition and Weight Management System by George Lockhart

George Lockhart is one of the best MMA nutritionists of all time. He has developed an innovative system of nutrition principles that are added to this MMA nutrition guide. This book is available online for $37 only.


The Dolce Diet: 3 Weeks to Shredded by Mike Dolce

Mike Dolce is an important figure when discussing MMA nutrition as he is the one who found out about weight-cutting. This is the first book by this author and is a complete manual on weight-cutting. Dolce has shared his amazing rehydration and powerful weight-cut techniques in this book. This is one of the best books for both amateur and professional MMA fighters of today. This book is available online for $39.99 only.


MMA Nutrition: 50 Meals, Snacks and Protein Shakes by M. Laurence

The title of this book tells it all. The author of this book is quite knowledgeable about the field of sports nutrition. He has good experience in making meal plans for football players and MMA fighters. According to the categories of this book, it includes information related to daily nutrition and tactics for bulking up. It contains 50 quick and easy to make meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and rich protein drinks. This book is a complete guide to planning your healthy meals that would go with your heavy workouts. This book is available online for $6.99 only.

Vegan MMA Training and Meal Plans by Mariana Correa

This is a guide to plan for clean and healthy meals for 60 days and it will help you to transform into a great athlete. Regardless of the type of martial arts that you train yourself for, you will notice a significant improvement in your skills. This book has 60 different Mixed Martial Arts workouts that will encourage you to build muscles, burn body fat, redefine your body and boost your fighting skills. There are a total of 60 Vegan meal plans to be used daily that will help you to fuel up your body the correct way. The Vegan diet is very important as it increases the stamina of the body and increases the speed of recovery. The best part of this book is that each meal plan has a breakdown of fiber, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and calories. So, this is a complete guide for all the non-meat eating MMA fighters. This great book is available online for $19.60 only.


The Dolce Diet: Living Lean by Mike Dolce

Mike Dolce is the most known MMA nutritionist so far. The other book by this author is mainly about dropping weight but this one covers information on day to day nutrition. It also includes several core principles of the Dolce Diet. This is considered a complete book because the author has added some workouts that perfectly match with the nutrition system he has introduced. This book is easily available online for $39.99 only.


Training for Warriors: The Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts Guide by Martin Rooney

Martin Rooney is known to be one of the best conditioning and strength coaches of all time. Therefore, this book is not purely about MMA nutrition, but it also talks about the conditioning and strength of the fighters. This book has a good portion that covers MMA nutrition and it is done in collaboration with John Berardi who holds a Ph.D. in nutrition. It is available online for $23.32 only.



The above-mentioned list of books contains the guide for best MMA nutrition books and Bjj nutrition books. You have to choose a book according to your needs. If you want to follow the easiest system of nutrition and require a day-to-day guide and consume meat, the Gracie Diet would be the best choice for you. If you wish to follow a complete system you should get books from Lockhart and Dolce as their books have complete details about MMA nutrition. If you particularly want to focus on weight-cutting and want quicker results, Dolce’s “3 weeks to shredded” would be the best choice for you. If you have a particular period set for training, you should go for the 60-day guide by Mariana Correa. So basically, this list of books is for all the different types of needs of the MMA athletes.