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 Training with the right equipment is critical to any newcomer or professional, especially if you want to keep improving. Motivation and psychological resilience are necessary too but without the right equipment, your progress will be affected. Combat sports are physical and spiritual activity; it is even more so in MMA because it demands so much effort from your entire body. If you don’t have enough money to get the best equipment, mental endurance, or dedication, then even if you have the skills and muscle strength, you certainly have no scope to improve.

However, there is something we can do about the monetary aspect. Down below we will mention five of the most important best  cheap MMA gear that a fighter must have, along with a piece that is both economical and excellent in performance. Protecting your physical self will help keep you fighting and the make the most out of your time. So, once you have made up your mind for MMA, getting the necessary  equipment will be the next step. Check our picks for Best MMA Cheap Gear in 2020

Best MMA Cheap Gear 2020


The first thing to get when training MMA is headgear. It is useful as a means of preventing a strong blow that may occur during training. The MMA headgear should also be comfortable, but it should also be filled enough to absorb the punches and kicks that will be thrown during training. It is also important that it fits all sizes of the head and stay in place during training to avoid injury to the injured. The goal is to protect the trainee from any possible long-term damage that may result from absorbing head impact.

Ringside Competition Boxing Headgear

 The Ringside Race Helmet is approved by American boxing, with a smooth silhouette design and curved cheek protection to better protect the head and face. Durable leather construction ensures long-lasting flexibility and performance, and a soft suede lining absorbs sweat. This headgear features a top-quality laminated foam system that distracts the impact so you can safely focus on hitting and fighting. Top-rated boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, and sports athlete helmet exercises and competitions.

Best Cheap MMA Mouthguard

When training in MMA, it is important to have a suitable guard to prevent possible damage during training. MMA training is a high volume and high-intensity training that will protect your teeth from any serious injury. It is important that the MMA mouthguards meet the specified standards and that the mouthguard is suitable for all mouth types and is suitable for all mouth types. The mouthguard should be able to absorb and withstand strong damage and can be made of a suitable material

Venum Challenger

Venum specializes in the production of sports equipment for mixed martial arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, so you know that their products will be tailored to our needs. The Venum guards use the Nextfit gel frame to better adjust the comfort around the teeth. It is also specifically designed to help you breathe in difficult sparring and competition environments.

 MMA Gloves

The next must-have piece of gear for a safe MMA training session is a pair of standard MMA gloves. The gloves used for a training must meet the MMA specification standards specified in the MMA Uniform Rules. The gloves used should be fingerless for hand protection, but also allow for grapple techniques. Gloves should be filled and weigh approximately 8 ounces for sparring. The glove can also be 4 ounces, which is the standard size used in professional MMA competitions. The pad protects the trainee and his sparring partner when throwing a strike by hand.

Sanabul Essential MMA Gloves

The Sanabul Essential MMA gloves are divided into three sections that offer enhanced protection around the hands. There is also reinforcement on the edge of the thumb, and it is easier to a fist and without the glove stinging your skin This design allows for a protective barrier that does not overly interfere with the flexibility and range of motion of the thumb when you try to grab. This 4 ounce MMA glove from Sanabul is carefully filled with a pad on the back, thumb and a knuckle pad. These gloves are also very breathable due to the open design on the palm and internal fabric lining.

Best Cheap MMA Shin Guard

Kicking is an important part of the MMA striking aspect. Initially, your kicking will not be precise, thus, even inanimate handbags can cause damage, so it is best to put on some pads in the form of leg protectors. The shins are considered to be the hardest bone in the human body, but, when fighting against MMA and other sports, it is also the most vulnerable bone due to the use of legs to defend and attack. Shin guards protect your cheekbones from minor scratches to severe fractures. Its importance makes most trainers not even practice leg exercises without wearing such protectors.

Sanabul Essential Shin Guards

The Shin Guards from Sanabul Essential has the feel and protection of traditional Muay Thai leggings and the comfort of usual MMA leggings. Another benefit of Sanabul Essentials is that you don’t have to adjust your shin guard during training. The neoprene non-slip design includes a top leg and a proprietary mid-leg fastener to ensure your ankle fit is comfortable and minimizes ankle movement. They also have extra reinforcement and high impact protection foam.

Cheap MMA Groin Protection

The last piece of equipment required for MMA training is a high quality protective cup for your groin. When training MMA, there is a good chance that a strike or kick will fall below the waist. The protective cup should remain in place and will not shift when the trainee throws. The cup should be comfortable but prevent damage.

RDX Groin Guard

RDX Groin Guard protects at a very low price. It is implemented by providing a fairly basic model and many people compare it to wearing a baseball cup, plus. some people prefer this style. Whether it is because of anatomical differences or just personal preference, some people find that the cup is more comfortable. The strap itself is based on the basic jockstrap model, but with a wider leather-style fabric that holds it in place. A significant number of reviewers do not like this style of fighting, usually because they find the cup design to be cumbersome. RDX provides protection, so if the price of the product is your primary concern, then you can’t go wrong with this.