Best Women’s BJJ Gis 2019 – Reviews and Guide

Best Women's BJJ Gis

For a woman, in Brazilian JIU Jitsu is its self a challenging task but to choose the right Gi is also a challenging task for the BJJ women’s. In recent years BJJ is more becoming women sport before that it is traditionally famous for BJJ male sport. Women’s in BJJ focuses on GI’s that fits properly on their body and also best in quality and low in prices. Unfortunately, finding one that matches your distinctive body form may be a reasonably difficult task. Many women wear men’s is, it helps to own a gi specifically designed to suit the body form of a girl, as this may leave unrestrained quality and an easier match So taking in consideration, I’ve gathered a list of the best women’s BJJ gi’s, hopefully, that helps you out to choose the right gi for you.

The Best Women’s BJJ Gis


The most effective BJJ gi’s for girls is that the Fuji Women’s BJJ Gi. Fuji is acknowledged within the martial arts trade and manufacture a number of the best quality instrumentality for BJJ, Judo, MMA and martial art. The Gi meets IBJJF standards (International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation), that in fact is improbably necessary once trying to find a gi.


GI Quality & Material

Fuji’s GI’s is the best first option for the Women’s BJJ in each term, quality and in worth. created with 100% cotton material, the gi is improbably long lasting.
The arm and leg length are each fairly short, that helps to scale back the general weight of the gi. The gi additionally options a carcinoma ribbon embodied at very cheap of the skirt.


  • IBJJF Approved
  • Best quality and standard sewing
  • 100% cotton material
  • ​​Emborioded carcinoma ribbon


Tatami Zero G V4

The Tatami Zero G V4 is the effective women’s BJJ Gi’s. Tatami could be a comparatively new whole, solely supported in 2009, nevertheless has come back to supply a number of the best quality martial arts gear around. Their Zero G V4 gi isn’t any exception and has become one amongst the foremost well-liked selections of women’s BJJ Gis. Available in two colors black and white, the Tatami Gi sport a sleek, smallest style that several have come back to consider one amongst the most effective women’s BJJ Gis.


Gi Quality & Material

The Tatami Zero G options a contest match style, which suggests that the Gi has been designed in a very manner that may give you with the maximum amount of a bonus as doable, while still adhering to the IBJJF standards.
The gi’s pants are created victimization 100% cotton material and weigh roughly 9oz, that is really amazingly lightweight all things thought-about.


  • Designs on IBJJF standards
  • Minimal and silky style with strategically positioned stigmatization
  • ​Available in two colors black and white


Hypnotik Vortex Women’s Gi

You can go with Hypnotik Vortex Gi’s is a perfect choice. The Vortex gi is accessible in four colors – white, burgundy, blue and black. Hypnotik is a reasonably accepted manufacturer of a spread of various martial arts instrumentality like gis, rash guards and MMA gloves. All of that is engineered to the best quality and designed to be as reasonable as doable.


Gi Quality & Material

With a GSM of 425 and advanced weave, the Vortex gi finds the right balance between comfort and quality. It may be not the lightest gi within the world, the fabric is much from significant and competitive standards. Get a free white belt that creates it excellent for beginners wanting to urge their 1st gi and save a touch of cash. On the first wash, the Gi will shrink a bit in size. The cut of the gi specifically to suit ladies and options Hypnotics latest design that ensures most comfort and quality is really good.

The gi options 10oz twill pants, on the honest note, are slightly are on the significant facet and are a touch baggier that a number of the opposite pants our list. However, once you get the gi within the wash, the bagginess can cut back slightly.


  • IBJFF legal
  • Save cash with a free white belt
  • 425 GSM High-quality stitching