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BJJ is a sport rather dominated by men. However, this does not mean that women do not train jiu jitsu at all. In fact, quite the opposite! More and more women are starting to train BJJ. Some academies even have classes dedicated only to ladies. So it’s no wonder that the demand for women’s BJJ Gis is also growing. You could say that this market has exploded recently. Most if not all top Gi brands have women’s BJJ Gis. In such a flood of options, it is sometimes difficult to decide, so below are tips on how to choose a Gi and a list of the best BJJ Gis for women.

Gi basics 

If you are jiu-jitsu newbie choosing a BJJ Gi can be hard and a bit confusing. This is because Gis have weaves, different size names than in normal clothes, and other strange parameters, which can sometimes be incomprehensible. Therefore, below a brief explanation of the basics of Gis. 


The weave of a Gi determines how much material is used and how it is sewed together. This determines the weight, thickness, and durability of the Gi. 


Some of the most common weave types are:

Single weave

Gi made of this type of material is usually the cheapest. It is great for hot weather since it is thin. However, due to the such construction of the material, it is easier for your opponent to grab. Single weaves are light, something around 300-550 g, however, because of this not very durable. Also typically they have a smoother feel to the fabric.

Double weave

Double Weave is that’s just what the name implies – the doubling of the single weave. This type of weave is popular due to its durability, material density, and heavyweight. It is also harder to grab, because of more fabric. The disadvantage of the double weave is that they retain heat, in such a Gi it is simply quite warm. This weave is also usually rough on the skin.

Pearl weave

Pearl weave is the most common material used in lightweight Gis (350-550 g). It feels similar to a single weave (it is quite soft) but is way more durable. Pearl weave is usually a material that allows some airflow. It is distinguished by its tight weave. 

Ripstop weave

Ripstop is one of the lightest and thinnest, if not the lightest and thinnest materials available for BJJ Gis. It is ultralight and designed to stop rips and tears before they spread through the weave. Unfortunately, this material is easier to grab and the tight weave does not allow much breathing room. 


What are the sizes of the Gi?

As already mentioned Gis have a different name for sizes than everyday clothes. We will not find here such simple terms as small, medium, large, or abbreviations like XS or XL. Gis sizes use letters such as A (A for Adult) and F (F for female) and numbers from 0 to 6, where the 0 is the smallest. That is, for example, we have a GI of size A3 for a man and F1 for a woman. Moreover, some brands implement variations to the typical sizes allowing you to choose longer or shorter variations. This is usually represented by letters at the end of the standard size. These markings are quite intuitive, L is for long, S for short, and H for heavy. For example, A1S = Adult 1 Short.

Unfortunately, it is not a system as popular as S, M, and L for normal clothes and some brands may use their other names. Moreover, the sizes are unequal, the F2 of one brand will not be identical to the F2 of another brand. Fortunately, apart from letters and numbers, in descriptions of Gis, there are usually whole tables with the exact dimensions of a given size.


The importance of the collar

Another very important thing in Gis, which we do not pay attention to so much when buying everyday clothes, is the construction of the collar. It is crucial because a thicker collar makes it harder for your opponent to grab it and control your upper body. The collar is just a critical gripping area.  That’s why they tend to be reinforced by a plastic copolymer called EVA. It also helps your Gi to dry faster and makes the collar more rigid. However, for everyday training, softer collar options like cotton might be more comfortable to use and simply soft.


Things to consider when buying a Gi

Once you know the basic properties of a Gi it’s time for buying one. However, due to the many options available on the market, even with the knowledge of the basics it is sometimes hard to decide on something. Therefore, below are some things to consider when buying a Gi.


Weave type 

Many people recommend, for example, double weave Gis because they are very durable. High durability is of course a big advantage. However, the double weave also means that the Gi is just thick and will therefore be warm and heavy. And if you live in a warm climate or need a Gi for a competition for which you cut weight, then it will not work for you. And, for example, for competitions in warm climates, Gi with a pearl weave may be better suited, because it is also quite durable and light. All this means, therefore, that there is no point in following the preferences of others and before buying, decide what exactly this Gi should be for and choose a weave for this exact purpose.


Design and color

The choice of color and design may seem weird on this list. After all, it is obvious that everyone chooses the things they like, in the colors they like, etc. Unfortunately, in BJJ the matter is not that simple. Of course, if you like pink very much you can buy such Gi. However, you will only be able to exercise in it during regular training sessions. This is because the federations that organize tournaments have rules about the appearance of the Gi in which you can compete. For example, the IBJJF legal color scheme is restricted to white, blue and black. The matter with patches etc. is similar, all is regulated and strictly defined by rules. 

Therefore, similarly to the previous point, you must decide what this Gi is for before buying. If you want one universal, for both regular training and competition, it must be in the regulatory color. And if you want to stand out on the mat during your everyday jiu jitsu classes, you can buy the craziest Gi you can find.


Collar feel

Gi collars can be thinner or thicker, softer to the touch, or really harsh. It will be easier or harder for opponents to grab on it. It is therefore worth considering here how much we want to make life easier for the other person. If this is a Gi for a competition, it is better to choose one with a thick, unpleasant collar so that it is difficult for opponents to grab it. But if this is your first Gi for regular training and your training partner is your best friend, you can choose something with a thinner, softer collar.



In BJJ pants and sleeves should have very specific lengths. It is not like with ordinary clothes that a little shorter or longer sleeve makes no difference. As with colors, it is because there are various regulations regarding the dimensions of the Gi. So if you are buying a Gi for a competition you should have a good look at the dimension tables to see if the given Gi will be good for you.

For example, by IBJJF rules Gi tops should come to the thigh and rest just below the gluteus muscle. The sleeves should extend no more than 5 cm from the wrist as you extend your arm straight forward. The width of the sleeve opening must reach 7 cm at a minimum. The collar, which extends from the top of the jacket downwards, must be a maximum of 1.3 cm thick and 5 cm wide. Gi pants should reach the ankle and not be longer than 5 cm downwards from it. Pants openings must be at least 7 cm wide.

Moreover, at this point, there is also one myth worth dealing with. Many people have heard something about Gi shrinking at some point of their BJJ journey and now wonder if they should buy a bigger one because it will shrink. However, Gi shrinking is currently not true. You should simply choose the size that best matches your weight and height. People used to choose a size up because a lot of the older Gis used to shrink massively, but today it is not the case. 


The Best Women’s BJJ Gi


Fuji BJJ Gi – Brazilian Pride Edition w/Free White Belt


Fuji is one of the top brands when it comes to producing BJJ Gi. Because they have been on the market for many years, they have extensive experience. Moreover, they are a brand created by athletes for other athletes. So, it all means that you can expect high-quality and very functional products from them. And it is no different in the case of this Gi.

This Fuji BJJ women’s Gi just looks great, the design is clean and simple. It is available in standard colors if you want to use it for competition. What’s cool and distinguishing this model from the competition products is also the possibility of choosing pink as a color of this Gi.  It is a great option if you do not want to compete in it, and you like to stand out on the mat, or you just like this color. Moreover, it’s sturdy, holding up very well, comfortable, fits great. It is simply good quality Gi for an amazing price. It will not work only for people looking for ultra-light options. It’s not a lightweight Gi, it is somewhere in the medium in terms of thickness.


Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi – Ultra Light Women’s Aeroweave – IBJJF Competition Approved Lightweight Uniform for Women


Many BJJ women’s Gis are made as if the women were just smaller men. As if the breasts or the difference in hip-width etc. did not exist. Here, however, things are different and it is this unique cut that is what distinguishes this BJJ women’s Gi. This Gi was simply made with women in mind from start to finish, and many BJJ competitors were listened to when creating it. Thanks to this it is comfortable and actually fits. You feel like you belong in it, and not as you borrowed it from the older brother.

In addition, it complies with IBJJF regulations. Its simple design with contrast stitching looks great and sharp. Unlike the pink Gi, it does not stand out and does not emphasize femininity with color. In this Gi you will feel that you belong to a group where everyone is equal, gender, age, etc. do not count. Also, it really is super lightweight so it will be perfect for hot days and for competitions if you have a problem with losing weight to a weight class. 


Tatami Fightwear Women’s Nova Absolute BJJ Gi


Tatami is another brand from the real top companies producing things for BJJ. Their products are always of the highest quality. What’s also cool about Tatami is that they offer one of the widest ranges of sizes. Their size selection is really large. They offer heavy, short, long, and extra-long options. Everything for the perfect fit. In addition, they also focus on innovations. This is also the case with this women’s Gi. Thanks to the new advanced lightweight pearl weave fabric it is durable and lightweight at the same time. Thanks to the regulatory color and clean design, it will be perfect for both competition and everyday training.


Hypnotik Vortex Women’s Gi

You can go with Hypnotik Vortex Gi’s is a perfect choice. The Vortex gi is accessible in four colors – white, burgundy, blue and black. Hypnotik is a reasonably accepted manufacturer of a spread of various martial arts instrumentality like gis, rash guards and MMA gloves. All of that is engineered to the best quality and designed to be as reasonable as doable.


Gi Quality & Material

With a GSM of 425 and advanced weave, the Vortex gi finds the right balance between comfort and quality. It may be not the lightest gi within the world, the fabric is much from significant and competitive standards. Get a free white belt that creates it excellent for beginners wanting to urge their 1st gi and save a touch of cash. On the first wash, the Gi will shrink a bit in size. The cut of the gi specifically to suit ladies and options Hypnotics latest design that ensures most comfort and quality is really good.

The gi options 10oz twill pants, on the honest note, are slightly are on the significant facet and are a touch baggier that a number of the opposite pants our list. However, once you get the gi within the wash, the bagginess can cut back slightly.


  • IBJFF legal
  • Save cash with a free white belt
  • 425 GSM High-quality stitching