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There’s nothing in the entire array of possible injuries you can get from training combat sports that hurt as much as a rib injury. Whether it is just a contusion, a muscle sprain, or God forbid, a broken rib, you’re in for a period of intense pain. If (or better said when) that happens in a fight, you can’t really do too much about it. In training, however, rib and chest injuries all together are easily avoidable. You just need to get in the habit of looking out for yourself. And the Best MMA Chest Protectors are the piece of gear you need to sleep painlessly at night, even after multiple rounds of live MMA sparring.

The best MMA chest protectors are probably the most important piece of protective gear you can wear, apart from a mouth guard. They’re also the most underrated piece of gear altogether. You rarely see Thai fighters practicing Muay Thai kicks without a chest protector on. Stay safe while sparring so that you can dominate in the cage!



Kicking things off is the Fairtex Trainer’s Protective Vest. The reason it is called the ‘trainer’s” vest is that May Thai coaches often wear this type of protection when training kicks. It is mainly a frontal chest protector, but there’s also some lateral protection too. Moreover, Fairtex is a brand that knows how to make MMA sparring gear of the highest quality. Not to mention the top price!



RDX is a brand so proficient and their Body Protector Chest guard is one of the best pieces of protective MMA gear you can get. It is the perfect chest protectors for beginners, as it offers lots of protection for a very low price. It has Patented Maya Hide leather is armor in-itself and will last you a career and an 18mm EVA-LUTION with 24MM Foam lamination that offers a barrage of shock-absorbent padding.



Ringside’s MAM chest protector is the first one in our best MMA chest protectors. It is protective MMA gear of the highest quality that is used by pro fighters across the globe. Featuring state of the art technology and an unbelievably comfortable fit, this is one of the top chest protectors you can get, amateur or pro.


Contender Fight Sports Heavy Protector

The Contender Fight Sports Body Protector is the heaviest duty piece of protective gear in this guide. This one is old-school allowing for maximal shock absorption. It is bulky though, and you can’t grapple with it, but you can certainly go all out when it comes to striking. One of the sturdiest designs you’ll ever see, as far as MMA chest protectors go.



It is a very advanced, highly functional MMA-specific chest protector. It is my personal preference and I recommend it very highly. RDX Chest Protector  not only looks extremely cool but offers the best protection modern technology can develop. It includes Maya Hide, the toughest patented Synthetic Leather around (CE Certified Approved), and EVA-LUTION foam padding chews up impact to reduce it to a standstill, Chest Guard is stitched to perfection with special Nylon thread, interlaced straps to keep the chest guard securely in place, free arm and body movement with ergonomic design.



The final entry in our best MMA chest protector’s 2019 guide is a special one indeed. It looks nothing like the chest protectors we saw before. It is actually a state of the art protector, offering specific protection and maximal movement. If you’re looking to spar live, with grappling included, this is the only chest protector that makes sense. It includes Polyester + spandex + EVA foam, High elastic sweat wicking fabric, UV Protection, anti-collision particles of polyethylene EVA, comfortable to wear., Unique hexagonal breathable pad, effectively slow and evenly disperse impact, provide maximum physical protection for all types of sports. The padding at top of shoulder stops at clavicle which allows full range of motion for throwing and catching. Padded compression shock guard shirt, perfect for football, basketball, rugby, soccer, paintball and other contact sports.

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