Cheap MMA Gloves for 2020 – Reviews and Guide

The sport of MMA has exploded recently. A big factor in all of this is the UFC, of course. There are many fighters that have helped create a name for MMA and, nowadays, MMA is definitely one of the most popular sports. To that end, the number of people that wish to train MMA has also increased. If you too would want to train MMA, then you definitely know of the importance of having the proper equipment on you. And one of the most vital pieces of equipment for the MMA fighter is the MMA gloves. To that end, you will get to read more about some of the best cheap MMA gloves.

Cheap MMA Gloves

RDX F12 Training Gloves

If you’re after a pair of MMA gloves with a low price tag, then the RDX F12 Training Gloves are perfect for you. They aren’t made from real leather but from Maya leather. And this is practically as close as you can get to having real leather on your hands. There is no gel layering on the gloves, either. What you get is the pretty much standardized layered foal. And this is pretty much all consistent with the price tag. To that end, you will still get a high-quality item, despite the low price.


Everlast Pro Style MMA Grappling Gloves

These gloves are pretty much the golden standard for anyone that’s new to the world of mixed martial arts. They are cheap and very effective tools that you can use for honing your skills. The bad thing about these gloves is they offer no thumb protection. And the thumb is really vulnerable when it comes to practicing and fighting in MMA. Other than that, they are covered with standard padding and they come in the standard black color. The sizes that are available are Small/Medium and Large/XL. You need to make sure to pick the proper size for your hands.


RDX MMA Sparring Gloves

These gloves are excellent for the people that wish to have some solid equipment for MMA without overpaying a lot of money. The feature the gel infused padding that will feel good on your hands and still keep them protected from hard blows. The material used for the design of these gloves is Maya leather – which is a type of synthetic leather that looks and feels a lot like real leather. There is protection for the thumb – but it’s not really substantial. Still, we recommend the RDX MMA Sparring Gloves as the perfect choice when it comes to MMA sparring.


Combat Sports Max Strike

These MMA gloves look pretty much like boxing gloves. This is due to the 7-8-ounce padding that they have. This padding will help you deliver hard blows that won’t damage your opponent a lot – so they are perfect for sparring. And best of all, they are also rather cheap to purchase. Various versions of this model of MMA gloves have even been used in the first few seasons of The Ultimate Fighter show.


Venum Challenger MMA Gloves

This model of gloves is made of materials that are of slightly lower quality than the standard MMA gloves. But this doesn’t mean that they’re bad – it only means that you will be able to get them cheaper. This pair of gloves is originally designed in the country of Thailand in Southeastern Asia – a bastion for martial arts. But they are made somewhere in another country in Asia. They are made in four different colors – you can pick which one is your preferred one. There is sufficient padding to keep your entire hand safe from damage – including the otherwise vulnerable thumbs. There is even wrist wrap that will help stabilize your wrists when punching.


UFC Official Fight Gloves

Okay, these gloves may not be the cheapest ones – but they definitely are on the upper end in terms of quality. They are the official gloves used in the UFC. This gives them top-level credibility as the UFC is the premier fighting organization and competition in the world. So, if you’re after high-quality gloves that will fit perfectly on your hand and that will protect your hands from shock while still enabling you to do great damage – look no further than this model. It also has open palms which will enable you to do seamless grappling moves.

In conclusion

This was our list of some of the best MMA gloves. If you’re serious about training MMA or competing in MMA, then be sure to make the appropriate investment and purchase one of these models. The best part is that most of these models are relatively cheap and they still feature great levels of quality. To that end, we hope that you will have a lot of fun when training and fighting in MMA with the use of the best Cheap MMA gloves.

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