Best MMA & Grappling Shorts – TOP BJJ Shorts For 2020

MMA/Grappling shorts are just as important as any pad or training equipment when it comes to your practices. They have a huge impact on controlling your movement freedom, on how far you can stretch and thus strike, all the while feeling comfortable. MMA/Grappling shorts focus on staying fit on you and resistant to wear and tear because of the constant rolling on the mat when you train. Below are some of the best ones on the market and a buying guide on how to pick the best shorts for you.


Why you should have BJJ shorts?

Having MMA/Grappling shorts will just make your training easier. They are simply designed to be less restrictive than normal gym shorts. Such shorts are also created to take much more damage than other mesh shorts as well. See below for more of their benefits.


 Advantages of MMA & Grappling shorts

The range of motion is everything when it comes to martial arts. A good pair of MMA/Grappling shorts will allow you to be completely mobile, ready to kick and sprawl whenever needed. Most of such shorts have a slit on each side to allow for various range of motion. It is also no secret that MMA/Grappling shorts are just super comfortable to be in. Moreover, they don’t get heavy pockets like normal gym shorts. Having no pockets is also a safety matter. No pockets mean there will be no barriers when checking a kick or grappling.

What to look for when buying Best BJJ & MMA shorts?

There are a few factors to be considered when you are looking to buy shorts that suit you. First, you should look for what type, either a board short or hybrid that offers certain benefits. Other factors include size or material used. To help make this choice easier for you, below you will find a few things that you should consider while searching for MMA/Grappling shorts.

 Shorts Type

When it comes to this aspect, there is no one universal rule here, only personal preferences. Just be aware that you can choose either a board short or a hybrid style and each of them has advantages. The more popular is the regular board style, but still, it’s simply individual preference. You just need to check which one suit you better.

 Quality and materials

When buying shorts pay attention to the material they are made of. The better quality shorts use high-quality materials that have stretch and allow more movement. These shorts are often made from poly-directional fabric that is designed to stretch and give you some space. To be sure your MMA/Grappling shorts will not rip when subjected to a lot of pressure check the seams. The sign of a quality pair of shorts is the reinforced stitching along the seams. Also, check how elastic the material around the waist is. Good shorts should adhere well to the body at this place.


Each brand has a different size. Sometimes it will be just Small, Medium, Large, while others use waist size charts, etc. When you buy a pair of shorts, the producer will have a list of the different sizing options. Check the exact measurements and opinions of other people about the sizes to choose best. A well-chosen size is a basis for a peaceful training without fear that your shorts will fall off.


Even if you are not a fan of buying only brand name stuff, there is still a difference between BJJ & Grappling brand name and no-name shorts. The popular brands in this MMA/Grappling world just have a reputation for making good quality shorts. If you buy shorts from one of these companies, you are likely going to get something you are happy with. On the other hand, if you purchase a pair of shorts from a no-name brand, the quality is usually less.


Best MMA/Grappling Shorts

MMA & Grappling shorts  that we reviewed include:

  • Anthem Athletics Resilience Fight Shorts
  • Hayabusa Metaru Performance Shorts
  • Clinch Gear Performance Shorts
  • Sanabul Essential Shorts
  • Venum Camo Hero Fight Shorts
  • Elite Sports MMA shorts

Anthem Athletics Resilience Fight Shorts

Anthem Athletics fight shorts emphasizes on features such as being lightweight, flexible and tear resistant. Their Resilience fight shorts are a demonstration their emphasis, they are made from strong fabric and give you more freedom of movement. The fabric is also lightweight which adds for more comfort and breathability. They also have side slits and a four-way stretch crotch to further aid in moving freely.

Hayabusa Metaru Performance Shorts

If you want to have a product from the top of the line MMA equipment then Hayabusa is the choice for you. Their Metaru performance shorts are one of the very best in offering great comfort and durability. The shorts have high quality material and are reinforced with additional stitching so that you don’t worry about wear and tear when performing your movements. Their uniqueness comes from a tie system and a waistband to make sure they are always fit perfectly in place.

Clinch Gear Performance Shorts

The Clinch Gear performance shorts stands out from every other manufacturer because of its moisture reducing properties so you can train hard as you can without feeling uncomfortable. In fact, comfort is their strongest aspect, the fabric and material is stretchy, especially around the crotch area and it is very lightweight, offering high flexibility. There is also a double grip waistband that is strong enough to keep the shorts fit but not having any damage on the wearer’s skin.

Sanabul Essential Shorts

The Sanabul Essential MMA / Grappling shorts offer a great range of motion because of their fitting. They use a stretch fabric and a Velcro waistband or drawstring to keep the shorts adjusted while you perform movements freely. Sanabul shorts last a very long time as well, even after prolonged use, the material they are made from is soft so you don’t have to worry about chaffing and they have antimicrobial properties to prevent any bacterial growth.

Venum Camo Hero Fight Shorts

The products from Venum are also considered to be one of the top when it comes to MMA equipment. They produce high quality stuff and their Camo fight shorts are one of them. They give you good flexibility when striking, that is because of the stretch material. The stretch fabric is also reinforced with stitching to prevent ripping or tear. Their key feature is their unique camo design that offers a stylish and appealing look.


Elite Sports MMA shorts

The Elite Sports shorts are produced from a lightweight high-quality microfiber material that will expand your field of motion and your performance by keeping you comfortable. These shorts will just provide you with a full range of movements because they do not resist you at all. The Elite Sports shorts have two-fold, non-chaffing waistband with Velcro closure, which is paired up with a drawstring that will keep them in place during intense training and fights. The design is quite simple, the base color is always black. However, you can still choose the color of the details on the shorts (available colors include blue, red, gray, white, brown, purple).



The choice is really big. There are a lot of different MMA/Grappling shorts on the Internet. Thanks to the above examples and tips on what to look for when buying, you will definitely choose something for yourself.

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