The Best BJJ Ear Guards and Headgear 2019 – Reviews

Every contact sport comes with the danger of injuries. One of the most common injuries in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling is the Cauliflower Ear, the injury of the ear. The fighter must be aware of this injury. It is one of the most caused injuries that a fighter will come across. This is why many people decide to wear BJJ Ear guards and headgear. Read about best BJJ Ear Guards and headgear in 2018.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Cauliflower Ear

It is a facial injury that particularly deforms the ear. It happens when the outer side of the ear is constantly bashed or hit hard, which causes the dense connective tissue to break from the cartilage. The repeated hit to the ear causes bleeding along with ear to swell and get deformed. If it is left untreated a large blood clot will form in the ear. This moves the phase of the making of new the cartilage. If it fails to produce a new cartilage then this undeveloped cartilage is referred to as a cauliflower ear.

Cauliflower ears are considered to a sort of ‘badge of honor’ among the grapplers. However, they depict a really bad image when it comes to a respectable job. Usually, people who suffer from this injury don’t get a good impression from the people who they meet. They are linked with different problems and medical complications and should be treated soonest to prevent the ultimate suffering. Extreme cases of this injury can also cause the ear canal to get blocked, which may affect hearing.

Ear Injuries and BJJ Ear Guards

To prevent ear injuries, BJJ fighters should use ear guards. This is an essential part of the gear. It does wonders when it comes to saving ears. It typically made to just make ears prone to the ear injuries. There are different styles of ear guards; hard shell, soft shell, fabric covered, exposed plastic and 2 straps, 3 straps or 5 straps. Soft shell ear guards are usually recommended for BJJ.

The best BJJ Ear Guards and headgear

Cliff Keen F5 Tornado Headgear 

It is built with air ventilation system, to allow air to pass through which also makes audibility of the headgear better than the ones which are utterly covered. Usually, the head gears are strapped at the back of the head, this one has a Power tab on-the-fly strapping system. It also has ultra-deep ear cups to provide ultimate comfort and protection from the bashing to the ear. It is a type of exposed plastic ear guard.


Grapplearts Ear Guards

Living up to the hype, grappleart’s very own ear guard is a very good option for the beginners in BJJ. It is more than enough to keep ears safe. It is prone to hard hitting and rubbing against opponent’s arms. Thsi BJJ headgear is made of soft fabric with two straps with adjustable size.


Matman Ultra Soft Wrestling Headgear

It is an ultra-soft ear guard which is covered with a soft fabric. It comes with protective cups preventing impact of hard hitting to the ears. Both sides have three air ventilation holes. Vent holes make it easier to hear, and also keeps ears cool while training or fighting.


Venum Ear Pads Kontact EVO

Venum Ear Pads have been providing some very good ear guards, and this model one of their finest collections. It is meant to increased support and comfort during training. They will give a hard time to the opponent while hitting and also will prevent cauliflower ear with ease. The ear guard is comfortable and easy to wear. The cons are that there is some difficulty in hearing compared to other ear guards and they might get really warm after a while.


ASICS Unisex Gel Ear Guard

ASICS produces ear guards that fit on any sort of ear, no matter big or small. Forehead and chin straps hook securely with a chin cup for more comfort. They are the best looking guards for big ears. The cons are that it might feel harsh on the ears. The top section of the guard can roll forward over the eyes. The slippery fabric can cause the guard to move around over the ear area.

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