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Do you want to stand out on the mat, but the technique is not your strongest point? Of course, you can work hard to improve your game and then impress everyone with your skills. However, there are also simpler solutions to stand out šŸ˜‰ You can impress others with your cool, crazy, funny BJJ gear. Below are propositions of a few things that will help you catch the eyes of all the people on the mat.

Cool, crazy, funny BJJ Gi

Gi is the most expensive, but also the most notable thing on this list. By buying a very original looking gi you will probably stand out from the crowd of basic white, black and blue gis. If you think that such cool, crazy, funny BJJ gi is an option for you, you have to ask yourself a very important question, what are you raising more? Design or expressive color? Combining both at once is sometimes too much šŸ˜‰


Gi in a characteristic color is relatively easy to buy. Most top brands have one in their assortment. Of course, it all depends on how much you want to go crazy. Colors only slightly deviating from the norm are widely available from well-known brands. For example, Kingz’s offer includes silver, military green, and navy gi. These are different colors from the classic ones, but still quite restrained. Women got it better when it comes to buying gi in characteristic color. For example, Fuji has a whole pink gi on offer. For men, the case with such colors looks a little worse. Top brands don’t have men’s gis in crazy colors. Fortunately, the world does not end there and if the brand is not the most important determinant for you, you will easily find gi in nonstandard colors, such as red or yellow.


KO Sports Gear Red Gi Uniform Set 100% Cotton Pearl Weave Gi – KOmpetition Series – BJJ Jiu Jitsu Kimono and Pants

This is kinda basic gi, the design doesn’t catch the eye. However, the color does all the job. With this super bright red BJJ gi you will for sure standout. According to reviews, despite washing, this gi does not lose color. Also, it looks better in real life than on pictures. So, if red is your color and you are looking for some cool, crazy, funny BJJ gi don’t wait any bit longer and just buy it šŸ˜‰



Design is less noticeable than color, here it is the detail that counts. Such gis are simply finished in an original way, have artistic interiors or decorated collars. Both men’s and women’s gi in this style can be safely found at top brands. If ladies won over the availability of colors, then gentlemen have a little better design options. Male gis that are interesting in an artistic way can be found e.g. in Venum or Venum. For ladies, it will be mostly Tatami.

Color and Design

A combination for people who want to impress others by their gi anytime, anywhere, from near and far, in general, and in detail. The Habrok brand excels in such combinations. Their trademarks are the very artistic gi interiors. If it’s unconvincing to someone, because you can’t see the interior of the gi, I will add that they are also nicely finished and also available in interesting colors such as Venum.

Cool, crazy, funny rashguard and leggings

It is slightly cheaper investment, but also less visible if we don’t do no-gi and we put on rashguards and leggings only under the gi. However, if you do no-gi then buying the original looking set will be perfect for you to stand out on the mat. In general, rashguards and leggings are in more expressive colors than gi, so here you have to focus on design. Few methods work great here. Either we buy a Venum or a striking rashguardVenum with some characteristic motif of characters known e.g. from Venum or movies. Or you can just buy totally crazy, nonstandard rashguards like tuxedo or even more strange ones.


COOLMAX Upgrade Raglan Sleeve Superman 3D Printed T-Shirt Men Compression Shirt

This rashguard got kinda standard colors. However, the design is a clue here. With that bigass Superman logo for sure, everyone will notice you on the mat. This kind of rashguard will also look really good as both for no-gi and under the gi.Ā  Also, when you look at the pictures attached to the reviews of this product you will see it is a great rashguard to use outside the mat too. It looks really good undershirt and can be used for some cool costume for Halloween or something like that.


Cool, crazy, funny mouthguard

Last but not least idea to stand out. The mouthguard will be the cheapest thing from this list, but also the least visible. In addition to the obvious use of protection, such cool, crazy, funny BJJ mouthguards can quite impress an opponent when we grin at him before a fight. The range of available products is very wide here. We can stand out just a little and buy e.g. Venum mouthguard imitating snake teeth, but you can also go a little crazier. For little money, you can easily find mouthguards in the style of golden or shark teeth. Of course, we must answer for ourselves whether their low price does not translate into their quality. Well, but what is not done for style šŸ˜‰


Mouth Guard Sports,Shark Teeth Series,Boil and Bite Mouthguard,Mouthpiece for Wrestling Basketball Boxing MMA Football and Other Sports

Sometimes simplicity is the best solution and this is the case here. This mouthguard is just designed according to the shape of shark teeth. However, it will give you a look of fierce and full of fighting power. When you put it on you will make your opponents tremble. And even if they don’t get scared, they will still definitely appreciate your original look.


There are many ways to stand out on the mat. It’s up to you how you decide to do it. It can be hard training or cool, crazy, funny gi. Or both, because why not? šŸ˜‰