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You can improve your BJJ game in several ways. One of the methods of making your jiu-jitsu better is to work on the strength. So, if you decide to become stronger the only thing left is to figure out how to do it. It’s not as obvious as you might think because in BJJ you need to build a specific type of strength. If you want to have the power to move people around while in crazy positions your training should not be focused on the biggest number on a bench press or deadlift. A better idea is to train on gymnastic rings. Below you will find the best gymnastic rings for BJJ and workout examples. 

The specificity of gymnastic rings

If you’ve never used gymnastic rings for your strength training before, you’re missing out a lot. The instability in the rings can develop strength in ways that can’t be matched by any other form of bodyweight training. Particularly when it comes to upper body strength.

However gymnastic ring training is not for everyone. It is not that it is not an exercise method for the timid. It’s more about that it’s not a path for the impatient. If you want to become strong enough to actually be able to train for strength on the gymnastic rings, you’ll need to spend a lot of time doing things that seemingly have nothing to do with actual ring exercises. However, looking at it from the bright side it is the same as in BJJ. First, you have to spend some time suffering before you’re able to actually do something. It may sound ridiculous, but actually, this is good news. That’s because training for grapplers should reflect grappling. And it is exactly what gymnastic ring training does.

Actually, the strength developed with gymnastic rings is exactly what fighters, especially grapples need. It is because, In jiu-jitsu, you need the ability to both bears both your body and your opponent. Moreover, the BJJ movement is also very specific. You are usually in positions that are hard to replicate in training, outside of grappling. And this is exactly where training on gymnastic rings comes in. First, thanks to it you build functional strength, power, stability, agility, and dexterity. And also, you don’t need to try and replicate grappling situations with barbells or strange training equipment. Instead, you just teach your body how to become strong in any situation that may arise.

Gymnastic Rings Workout examples

If you get curious about it and think it might be something for you below you will find examples of exercises on gymnastic rings. There is plenty of them and they are organized in a progressive fashion that helps you build the qualities rings offer. For starters, it’s best to start with static exercises. Holding static positions is the best way of starting your journey with gymnastic rings. The exercises from this group you want for BJJ are planks and levers.

When it comes to plank you need to hang the rings so that they’re only a few inches off the ground and do a plank, with your arms on the rings rather than on the ground. Levers are a bit more complicated and will require progressions, especially the back lever. For them, you need to hang off the rings, either holding them in front of your body or having your back facing the rings. The aim is to hold your body at a 90-degree angle to the rings. Your arms need to be straight, as well as your entire body. As with most gymnastic rings exercises easier said than done. 

Once you feel more confident, you can try dynamic exercises. The concept is quite simple. Just try doing normal exercises like pushups, dips, pullups, and rows but on the rings. As you’ll notice doing this is very different when you’re not on the ground because it takes a lot more stabilization, strength, technique, and body awareness.

After feeling good with all already mentioned things you can start with advanced exercises, both static and dynamic. From the first group try L-sits and tuck planches. In doing L-sit the goal is not just to hold it, but to do dips and transitions while never letting your legs and core waiver. The tuck planche is just a tucked L-sit done from a different plane of motion. And from a dynamic group, the most important is to learn muscle-ups on the rings. All these exercises are extremely hard but ultra-useful for grapples.

After years of training, when you have mastered all these exercises it is time for beast exercises. Those two exercises are the iron cross and the straddle planche. Doing the straddle planche on the floor or bars is, of course, a prerequisite to even think about executing it on rings. And the iron cross is the final measure of strength in gymnastics. For grapplers, doing the perfect Iron Cross is more than enough to be able to cope with everyone on the mats. So if you will learn how to do it you will become a real beast on the mats and the rings. 

Best gymnastic rings for BJJ

If you are not only interested but decided that this is a training method for you, gymnastic rings can be found at most gyms. Or, so as not to be dependent on a given place, you can buy your own to exercise at home. If this option suits you best, check below for the best gymnastic rings for BJJ available on the market right now. 

Garage Fit Wood Gym Rings

With these rings, you will build your strength without stepping foot inside the gym. The wood gym rings come with solid buckles and 15-foot straps, so you can hang them almost anywhere no matter where you are. When it comes to the ring construction they look great, wood is smooth with no rough areas. The straps feel great, they are thick and seem very durable. They also got full 15 feet marked tick marks every 3 inches. It is a huge help in getting the rings even. The buckles are made of metal, and they are very easy to adjust. The metal clasp has plenty of teeth to hold the strap in place. The only thing to pick on is the lack of instructions. 

Elite Gymnastic Rings

This set contains a pair of 9.25-inch rings with 7-inch internal widths. With the included 15-foot straps. The rings are made of plastic with a roughened surface that’s easy on the hands and keeps them from slipping when they’re moist from sweat. The web clamp is simply adjustable for switching between different exercises in just seconds. They are strong and well made. The price and the quality of the equipment are really good. Moreover, the straps have retaining straps on the buckles so you can roll them up. They are also easy to adjust to different height levels. 

NAYOYA Gymnastic Rings

The set includes 2 gymnastic rings with straps and adjusting buckles. Their material is textured grippable PC Plastic. Which is great because it reduces slippage associated with sweaty hands. Thanks to it they stronger, more durable, and of higher quality material than ABS plastic rings. They are just great solid rings. Very sturdy for pull-ups, muscle-ups, and dips. Have a good feel and grip. Moreover, it is very easy to set up and adjust them because the rings come with instructions and pictures.