Battle ropes for BJJ: how to use them and best to buy

What battle ropes and BJJ have in common? More than you can expect! It is because jiu-jitsu and MMA requires a very specific form of cardio. And battle ropes do just that, they guarantee killer cardio. Moreover, they are affordable, can be transported easily, and also work the grip. No wonder they are used by a lot of MMA guys and BJJ competitors. Below you will find all you need to know about the battle ropes. For example, how to use them and which ones are best to buy. 

But first, what exactly are battle ropes?

Battle ropes also are known as battling ropes or heavy ropes are used for training to increase full-body strength and conditioning. It is a fairly new invention because it was not designed until 2006. It was then that John Brookfield created the battle ropes training. Soon after its development, he taught the system to Special Forces, the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Olympic wrestling team. Since then, the popularity of battling ropes has increased and expanded to mainstream gyms.

The ropes are thick and heavy to give significant resistance. With one battle rope per upper limb, it works out each arm separately, defeating strength imbalances. There are numerous types of ropes used for this workout. The ropes have two standard diameters (25mm and 44mm) and three standard lengths (5m, 10m, and 25m). Moreover, which is a big plus of heavy ropes is the fact that training with them is easy to set up, requires little space, and can even be done on the outside. 

Heavy ropes exercises 

Below are the three most common exercises that you can perform with battle ropes: 

  • the wave-making a continuous wave with the ropes.
  • slams – similar to making the wave, except the rope is slammed each time
  • pulls – one pulls the rope towards oneself, either simultaneously or alternatively.

There is also a multitude of other exercises that work various muscles of the body. For example, moving the ropes side to side will work out the hips and core to improve total body stability. And moving the ropes in circles will increase shoulder range of motion. 

 Battling ropes – basic training and correct technique

1. Steady position

Stand astride, bend your knees slightly. Grasp the ends of the ropes so that the palms are facing each other. Do not clench your hands too tightly – too tight hands grip will make you tired faster.

2. Start with a wave

Alternately raise your arms to shoulder height, making the ropes move like waves. The arms should be an extension of the rope; work strongly engaging the body, which will give your movement the necessary power.

3. Try slams

Keep your hands with the ropes close to you and, starting with a slight bend, bring the ropes over your head, then hit the ground as hard as you can.

4. Feel the calories burned

Do as many repetitions as you can within 20 seconds of each exercise, resting 40 seconds between them. Try to do 10 repetitions of the entire circuit.

  • Battle rope – wave
  • Jump from a squat
  • Battle rope – slams
  • Mountain climbing
  • Battle rope – wave

 Battle ropes and BJJ 

Battle rope workouts are fast and intense, just like the fights in competitive BJJ and MMA. Battle rope training mimics these explosive rounds perfectly and will get you in the right shape for competition. They are just a perfect form of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that allows you to work and build your muscles as well as your cardiovascular endurance. In simpler words with battling ropes, you get a full-body workout. Moreover, at this training, you are doing some very specific moves which translate very well into your grappling and improves it. 

Remember, if you do rope training to make your BJJ game better make sure you move in as many directions as possible while exercising. Your training should not be just standing in place and making circles with your arms. You need to be moving from side to side, front, back, and everywhere to engage your entire body. That’ll help you build a core of steel in addition to your gas tank. Also, try to use as many different movements as possible, mix waves, slams, and pulls.  

Your own heavy ropes

Ropes and training with them are becoming more and more popular. Which means that you can meet them in more and more places. Batlle ropes can be found in gyms, crosshouses, BJJ, and MMA academies. However, if you want to be independent of all these places and exercise whenever you want it’s worth thinking about buying your own battling ropes. It’s a great idea, especially if you have space, for example, in the backyard. 

There are plenty of different heavy ropes that you can buy and many will serve you well, but of course, you’ll only want the best. Below you will find the list with reviews of the best ropes you can get on the market right now.

Perantlb Pro Battle Rope Set

This battle rope made using heavy-duty 100% Poly Dacron with protective sleeve and coated handles is ideal for both professional and amateur sports lovers. It is wear-resistant, easy to maintain, and incredibly versatile. This rope seems to be very durable and comes with everything you need for a really nice installation. Moreover, the attention to detail and quality of this product is very high. The rope come also in a light black bag which makes it convenient to transport and store. Besides, the manufacturer offers a variety of lengths to your choice, so you can choose the right rope according to your needs.

Just remember the longer the battle rope is, the heavier it becomes and therefore more challenging for you. Shorter ones aren’t as fluid, but they allow you to train in smaller spaces. Since your rope will usually be folded in half at the anchor point, you need a straight line that is equal to half the length of your rope. For example, for a 50′ rope you need 25 feet of clear space. If you are new to this type of training, a shorter rope will be easier to hold and use. The longer one is more suitable for challenging intermediates and pros.

Firebreather battle rope with a foldable workout poster and anchor kit

If you are looking for a solid product and great customer service you gotta go with these heavy ropes.

It can be a little stiff at first, but after a couple of workouts, it is loosening up nicely and works very well. Moreover, with ropes, the seller sents a nice and clear pdf with instructions on proper anchoring and exercises. This is just a great piece of fitness equipment and gives a heck of a workout

HulkFit Heavy HD Dacron Battle Exercise Training Rope

This 3-strand thick training rope is made of the durable polyester blend; high tensile strength prevents breaking, fraying, or coming to lose. It got heat-shrink ends which make the ropes more convenient to hold and will offer a better grip when performing the exercise. If you are looking for something cheaper but still solid and good quality, it is a great product for you.  

Yes4All Battle Exercise Training Rope with Protective Cover

It is made of 100% poly dacron material with protective nylon sleeves to prevent friction damage, fraying as well as keeping it clean, making the rope extremely durable. This rope comes with an anchor and a strap to offer another way to train. It is also quick and easy to store. It’s just a good product. Durable, good weight and length, you can anchor it easily and it coils up nicely for easy storing. All this for a good price.