Folding Guard Pass – Key Details

It is always good to know as many techniques as you can. Of course, everyone got his more favorite move, but we should not limit ourselves only to that. That’s why it is good to learn new things. Today it will be folding guard pass.

Folding Guard Pass – Key Details

To start performing folding guard pass you need to be on top. This technique begins when you can fold your opponent’s legs together and turn them on one side. Next, you need to go for controlling the upper hip or with underhook on the opposite side to the one where the legs are turned. Later your main goal is to flatten your opponent on the mat with the pressure of your head and shoulders. Your next step is to put a knee between his legs. Then still put pressure on your opponent, bypass his legs and proceed to side control.

In the video below you can see folding pass by Fernando Reis. He is a black belt with many successes in various tournaments. The list of his achievements is really long. Among other things, he is a winner of IBJJF’s World Championship, Pan American Championship, and Brazilian Nationals.

Things to remember when doing folding guard pass:

  • Remember to firstly control your opponent’s hips. If you forgot about that he can escape easily.
  • While putting pressure on your opponent be on your toes (knees in the air) for better effect.
  • After putting a knee between your opponent’s legs don’t sit. If you do it you are giving easy sweep to him.
  • Keep tight contact with your opponent all the time.

In this video, you can see how other great BJJ competitor is proceeding folding guard pass. Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida is a black belt and winner of many IBJJF World Championship. Below you can check how he is using this technique while he is competing in many tournaments.