Best BJJ GI 2018

For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu the most important component of the gear is its uniform called GI. It is an ultra-lightweight garment which is typically a general uniform of all kinds of martial arts. In fact, it is like armor to the body of the fighter. There are several types of GI in the market all of which have various traits to look at. GI’s are made of best comforting and lasting material. There are a couple of points to note before buying a GI. The points to look in GI are the fabric of the GI, the size of the GI, the durability of the GI, the shrinking trait of the GI, and the weight of the GI. Following are the available Best BJJ GI in the market.


Sanabul Essentials V.2

Sanabul is a very renowned company that produces best BJJ products. This GI is one of the latest Sanabul designs which is claimed to be light-weight which means that the fighter will not be burden by the weight of the GI. The fabric of this GI is preshrunk which means the GI will not shrink after its first wash as usually other GI’s do. New fighters usually mistake at this point as they are not aware of this quality. This GI has the anti-microbial and anti-odor quality which makes it one of the best choices in the market. This GI keeps fungal infections and bacteria away after a sweaty fight. This GI is also very durable so once it is bought then the fighter does not have to worry about buying another GI for a long time. One good thing about Sanabul Essential V.2 GI is that it is cheap in price.

Flow Kimono Air

This GI is made of cotton pearl weave that has the trait of extreme light-weight. It is comfortable and breathable so the fighter will be at ease while fighting and training. The pearl weaved fabric makes this GI very durable and last longing. This GI is also preshrunk, so the person owning this GI does not have to worry about shrinking problem.


Fuji All-Around

One of the most sold GI on the market. It is not very light-weighted but it is not problematic as the cotton blend in the fabric is very comfortable that makes it very easy to move while fighting. This is a very durable GI and is claimed to last longer than any other GI. The fabric of this GI is cotton made. The price of this GI is a bit more expensive than the others.


Tatami Zero G V3 GI White A3

The Tatami Zero G V3 GI is one of the lightest GI in the world. It is specially made for professional athletes as it is one the best GIs in terms of durability. It is made of pearl weaved material. This GI also has the trait of anti-moisturizing effect so it does it get all sweating while fighting or training. This GI does not lack behind in terms of style and affordability, it has everything to offer for a complete GI gear.


Hayabusa Shinju 3.0

Hayabusa is a very well-known BJJ product producing company with very remarkable gear components. The Hayabusa Shinju 3.0 is as tough as it comes and it very light-weighted. It is very durable and it is designed to last long. The fabric of this GI is pearl weaved cotton which makes is really comfortable and easy to move in. It is available in multiple colors and is fairly affordable.

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