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Training Jiu-Jitsu every day and at any time is something that many hardcore BJJ practitioners desire. When you love the sport and are focused on improving your technique, you just want to train all the time. Your lessons won’t be enough, and you’ll want to have another space to practice BJJ. Having a Jiu-Jitsu mat at home is a solution that practitioners often use. If you have a garage, an empty room, or even space where you can put some affordable best Jiu-Jitsu mats for home or academy, it can be a great place to practice.

Mats are essential when training BJJ. They’ll keep your body in a comfortable position and give you a sense of protection. Jiu-Jitsu mats can be perfect for anyone with different requirements. The durability, size and versatility matter when choosing the one that’s perfect for you and the space you have available. In this article, we’ll try to see what types of mats are out there, and which are the best ones for your home, garage, or academy.

Therefore, here you will find everything you need to know about BJJ mats to appreciate them properly. Check below for the info about buying, setting up, and cleaning them, both for the gym and your home. If you want to have your own personal dojo, check some of the best Jiu-Jitsu mats for home below.


Should you buy Jiu-Jitsu mats for Home?

Jiu-Jitsu mats are perfect for the BJJ practitioners that want to train at home or on the go. If you’ve been going to your training and you feel you’d like to head home and keep working, then mats are your best ally. Training BJJ directly on the floor or perhaps on top of a regular carpet is definitely not ideal. These don’t offer the support nor comfort a Jiu-Jitsu mat will.

Grappling Mats have a non-skid texture. They offer you comfort and the protection you need while training. Most mats are lightweight and very practical to carry around. Also, they are water resistant and easy to clean, which is essential to avoid the spread of bacteria. All types of mats come with drawbacks and advantages, so you’ll need to choosе something according to your needs. For example, for home use, puzzle mats are really great. And in terms of academics, rollout mats are by far the best option. They can cover huge areas without any gaps. 

In conclusion, the Best BJJ/ Jiu-Jitsu mats are ideal for practitioners that want to train anywhere and at any time. They’re a good option if you’re looking for training more often and work hard on your progress and BJJ performance.


What to look for when buying BJJ mats?

Of course, it all depends on personal circumstances. How much free space we have, how much money we can spend etc. But despite that, there is one really important thing to look out for – thickness. You have to choose it depending on what you want to do.

The extra padding provided by thicker mats is ideal for grappling and throw-heavy disciplines like judo or jiu-jitsu, where bodies can hit the ground after fall from as high as 3-4 feet. The slightly lighter and softer foam core creates a more cushioned surface, and the 2-inch thickness provides the optimal protection needed for groundwork and slams. Most martial arts mats with more than a 1-inch thickness are suitable for slams and throws, but it’s recommended to use mats that are at least a 1.5-inch thick. This is an area where more is better.


BJJ mats basics

BJJ mats are special. And it is not only because they allow us to train jiu jitsu. The point is that they are slightly different from the mats used in other sports like Judo, Wrestling, or Karate. A big part of what makes mats that we use for Brazilian Jiu Jitsuso different from the ones used in other martial arts is the material.


Construction of the mat

Generally, BJJ mats consist of two parts – a core, and an outer layer. In a good mat, the core is made of resistant foam, which has the ability to resorb impact. The most common here are polyethylene or EVA foams because, in addition to the aforementioned properties, they also repel water. The situation is more varied with the surface layer. The outer materials of the mats can vary greatly. However, they must have some common points and fulfill certain criteria. Namely, the material must be non-slip, durable, and easy to clean. 


BJJ Home Mat Size

When picking mat size, there is a big difference between the recommended mat size for practicing throws and takedowns and practicing ground techniques. Minimum BJJ Home mat size for two people is 3mx3m for groundwork and 4mx4m for throws and takedowns.

Official Grappling mat sizes:

  • Bjj mat – outer square  14m-16m, inner square  8m-10m. Square shape
  • Wrestling mat -outer square side 12m, outer circle diameter 9m, inner circle diameter 7m

How thick should BJJ mats for Home be?

Bjj mat thickness similar to the size of a mat should depend on the type of training you are doing.  1.5 to 2 inches is considered to be good if you are doing throws and takedowns. However, if you are doing only the groundwork thickness could be lower.


BJJ Mat Types

There are also several types of mats. They can be divided according to the texture of the outer layer and the way of folding/unfolding. When it comes to texture the most common types are tatami and smooth ones. Traditional the inner part of the tatami mat is made of rice straw, and the top layer is created of a double layer of braided igusa grass straw. Today, however, tatami is more and more often made with plastic additives. And it is the completely artificial tatami that is used in martial arts training nowadays. Mats in this style are made of polyurethane foam covered with vinyl with the structure of “rice straw”. Thanks to this specially textured surface, the tatami guarantees a better grip. Smooth mats, as the name suggests, are simply smooth.

When it comes to differentiating mats by setting up, there are three main types. There are puzzle mats, which, as the name suggests, are placed in the same way as a regular puzzle. With this type of mat, the pieces must fit together tightly and perfectly. Besides they are also folding and rollout mats. 

There are three distinct types of Jiu-jitsu mats, and we gonna cover them all in this article. Bjj mat types are:

  • The Puzzle Jiu Jitsu Mats
  • Roll Out Jiu-Jitsu mats
  • Folding BJJ mats

The Puzzle Jiu Jitsu Mats

If you’re looking for a cheap option, Puzzle Jiu-Jitsu mats are often sold at affordable prices. They’re practical and easy to adjust to the size of your room. Puzzle mats are highly durable and have a non-skid texture. They are easy to clean, water resistant and also have a noise reducing design. You’ll have a perfect tiled floor to train and at the same time, you’ll be protecting your floor. These lightweight pieces connect easily and without any hassles. They can be disassembled whenever you want and put in storage. This option is suitable to use in garages, gyms and even in children’s play areas.

Roll Out Jiu-Jitsu mats / Rolling mats 

These rollable mats are great for a hassle-free setup, transport and storage. Roll out mats are perfect for BJJ, MMA or home wrestling practitioners. They’re a good solution for home exercises and workouts. The safe anti-microbial surface makes them safe, preventing you from getting any skin infections and spreading bacteria. In comparison with the Puzzle mats, the Roll Out ones are much easier to transport. They’re lightweight and easy to carry. Therefore, Rolling mats for BJJ are perfect for someone who’s always on the go.

Folding BJJ mats

A Folding Mat is a very versatile item, so they are often called portable grappling mats. It can be used by Jiu-Jitsu practitioners, as well as other martial arts, yoga, pilates, gymnastics, tumbling, aerobics, etc. This mat will cover all your workout needs. Usually, they have Velcro on both ends and they can fold multiple times. They also have carrying handles. These features make Folding Mats very easy to transport. They are easy to carry and take up minimal space in storage. The two inches thick Polyurethane foam keeps your wrists, back and knees comfortable throughout your training. They stay cool and dry during the workout. Folding Jiu-Jitsu mats are skid-free on carpets or tiles.


Choosing a space for a jiu-jitsu mat

If you are looking for a mat for the gym, finding the right place for it is not a problem. Usually, in academies, there are entire training rooms only for martial arts, or the space for the mat is separated from some larger open space. Generally, there is a lot of space, so choosing the exact place for a mat is not a big deal. Things are different when we want to find a place for the mat at home. Depending on the size and layout of your home and the opinions of other household members there are several options.

Options  if you have a house

If you own a house you have some pretty cool options for your very own jiu jitsu mat. This is because the house offers a relatively large amount of space both inside and around it, making it easier to squeeze a place to practice BJJ somewhere. So if you are a happy house owner be sure to check if any of these places will be good for your very own BJJ gym. 

The Garage

  1. It is a separate space on the sidelines
  2. You are unlikely to disturb anyone there
  3. Garages tend to be well ventilated, which is great for hot days and reducing odors
  4. Garage size is usually on point
  1. Loss of space for a car, tools, bicycles, etc.
  2. Often garages have no heating, which can make training unpleasant on cold days

The Basement

  1. It is a separate space on the sidelines
  2. You are unlikely to disturb anyone there
  3. The size is usually appropriate
  4. Possibility of temperature control or constant temperature suitable for training all year round
  1. Usually poor ventilation
  2. Loss of potential storage space
  3. If the basement is unfinished finishing can be expensive
  4. Basements are in danger of being flooded

Year-round porch/house extension/additional building

  1. Completely new space that can be freely adjustable
  2. You are unlikely to disturb anyone there
  1. Very high price
  2. Long build time

House or apartment opportunities

If you live in an apartment or house without the above-mentioned spaces, nothing is lost. There is still a chance that there will be a place for a jiu-jitsu mat somewhere. Check below what your options are.

The unused room

  1. It’s already finished
  2. Temperature control and ventilation shouldn’t cause problems
  1. Can become noisy and, as a result, your workouts will disturb other household members
  2. Not enough space, unused room may be too small 
  3. Short term solution, the room may ultimately be needed for something else, more important

Separating a piece of space in some room

  1. Better this than nothing
  2. It’s already finished
  3. Temperature control shouldn’t cause problems
  1. You will disturb others
  2. Insufficient space
  3. Training may disturb the basic functions of a given room


Best BJJ mats for jiu-jitsu Academy

When it comes to gyms the best option is to invest in rollout mats. You can really do a lot with them, they cover a lot of space and have no gaps. Otherwise, puzzle mats should be your second choice, before folding mats. Folding mats are easy to set up, remove, and clean. However, they tend to leave large cracks since they’re quite thick. That’s why it is good to cover them whit canvas if you want to roll freely. 



Affordable Best Jiu-Jitsu Mats for Home 2020 – Reviews

We reviewed 8 different products, With different prices, type and quality. If you are interested in the cheaper and more affordable version you should look for Puzzle jiu-jitsu mats or if you are looking for the most simple setup option then you should buy roll-out mat. BJJ mats that we reviewed include:

  • IncStores Tatami Foam tiles
  • We Sell Mats Martial Arts Flooring Tiles
  • IncStores Roll Out Mat
  • Dollamur 10×10 Flexi-Roll Wrestling Mat
  • Polar Aurora Folding BJJ Mat
  • Everlast Folding Mat
  • Everlast Folding Mat
  • WolfWise Folding Exercise
  • Z-Athletic Martial Arts

IncStores Tatami Foam tiles

These foam tiles can easily be attached to each other and shaped as you like. IncStores tatami tiles are lightweight and made of high-density foam. They’re available in 2 different colors: black/grey and blue/red. This blue/red color is ideal if you want to mimic the Japanese tatamis. There are of course waterproof and easy to clean. It is thick and durable. This mat will work great for handling high-impact workouts and martial arts. With the soft and shock-absorbent surface, it is the perfect choice for gyms and martial arts academies. Moreover, its installation is really simple, and the individual pieces fit together nicely. 

We Sell Mats Martial Arts Flooring Tiles

Extra thick tiles, designed for the practice of Martial Arts. They’re made from non-toxic foam and come in 2 different sizes. Also, they’re available in a variety of colors. This brand includes borders in most pack options, which is a good bonus feature. They’re easy to install and easy to clean.


IncStores Roll Out Mat

This is a thick tumbling grappling mat, a good option for at home trainings and stretching. It’s portable and lightweight. For a wider surface, you can either purchase a bigger size or buy multiple ones and attach them together. Made of a durable cover and foam cushion. Available in different sizes and colors.


Dollamur 10×10 Flexi-Roll Wrestling Mat

Dollarmur is producer of one of the best mats for wrestling, MMA, and BJJ. They follow high-quality standards because their mats are used for many competitions. However, these mats are often used as Home BJJ mats. The Dollamur 10 x 10 Flexi-Roll Wrestling Mat is a rollout mat split up in two 5’ x 10’ rollout pieces, made from  Dollamur Sports Surface FLEXI Roll which is upper durable and able to withstand repeated pressure and compression. The surface is made from  Vinyl, which guarantees it will never crack or peel.  Also worth mentioning that vinyl is treated with antimicrobials to protect against odor and material degradation.  This 10×10 Roll mat is considered top tier mat, and because of that fact you can expect that price will be higher


Polar Aurora Folding BJJ Mat

The Polar Aurora mat is suitable for sparing and training martial arts. It’s constructed by 4 panels and it’s available in different colors. Made with thick long-lasting foam, enclosed in a PU leather cover. The cover is water resistant and easy to clean. The 4 panels can easily be folded and stored. Due to its Velcro straps and handles on both ends, the Polar Aurora mat can be effortlessly carried.

Everlast Folding Grappling Mats

This is a thick and durable mat, perfect for fight sports training. The Everlast mat has 2 panels and sewn-on handles. It’s easy to carry and to store. It incorporates bonded foam for extra comfort. Its shell is resilient and non-absorbent.


WolfWise Folding Exercise

The WolfWise mat is a 3-panel mat, that includes reinforced handles for good portability. The cover is made of PU leather, which makes this mat durable and water resistant. Made of high-density foam, it maintains its shape over time and offers impact absorption to prevent injuries. The non-slip feature is perfect for the practice of BJJ and other martial arts.


Z-Athletic Martial Arts

Z-Athletic mat is good for various types of exercises. It is great for Gymnastics, Tumbling, Martial Arts, and Exercise for home or gym use. It is made from quality material to provide support even during heavy usage. This mat is comfortable even while practicing some throws etc. It comes in Blue, Black, Purple, and Pink.This mat weighs really little for its size. It has a thick but firm cushion, and it’s durable. Atattaching multiple mats is really easy, and they stay together very well while rolling. This mat is also easy to clean as well. It got good quality and can be used on carpet or wood floors. 

Setting up your mat space

When you finally chose the perfect place for your mat is time for setting it up. It is easier than it may seem. So, if you already have the measured area and your mats, the most important thing to do is to make sure that the floor of your space is clean and level. Also, check the surface on which you put the mat. It’s best to put your BJJ mats onto concrete, wood, or tile subfloors. If you have carpeting, your mats can still be installed, but they may shift during use. However, if you cannot remove the carpet nothing is lost. A good solution for that problem is to place a sheet of plastic over the surface before installing mats. 

When it’s time to put your own mat, start in the corner of the room, and work your way out towards the center and other walls. This will prevent gaps in your mats. Always make sure to push your mats together tightly so there are no gaps. If your mats are not placed wall to wall, you can make it not shift by using double-sided mat tape. If you decide to use the tape, simply apply it to the underside of the mats all around the edge. So as you can see setting up your own BJJ mats is not that hard to accomplish on your own. 

Jiu-Jitsu Mats Hygiene and How to Clean BJJ mats

Keeping the mat clean is very important. Clean mats smell good and keep you and your gi clean. Even more importantly, a clean mat reduces the risk of various nasty skin diseases. Just a bit of time put into cleaning will keep you and your sparring partners in a good health.  

Keeping the mat clean

Unfortunately, the mats get dirty quite quickly with various things. They get covered in hair, dust, dirt, skin, toenails and fingernails, vaseline, saliva, blood, sweat, and possibly tears. So there are basically two parts to cleaning your BJJ mats. The first one is getting rid of dirt and loose material. And the second step is sanitizing. It is in that order because if you don’t get rid of the dirt and dust first you will just be pushing it around with your mop. Or even worse, pushing it down into the mat or the seams and cracks.

Getting rid of dirt and loose material

The beginning of mat cleaning is getting rid of any loose surface material on your mat. You can do that with a broom, vacuum, or dry mop. No matter what you choose just make sure that the bristles of the vacuum or broom are soft. Thanks to this you will avoid scratching or damaging the mats. 

Sanitizing the mats

After getting rid of dirt and loose material you can sanitize the mats. For this purpose simply use a cleaning solution. It can be natural or synthetic, but preferably antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral. There is a variety of cleaning agents you can use on your mats, from familiar household ones to specialized martial arts mat cleaners. The best option is to choose something safe for skin and eye contact. Ideally non-toxic, and not chemically reacting with your mat material.

Then as a next step use a wet mop (the best will be a nice wide one) to clean the mats. If you want to speed it all up, you can combine the two steps. And simply do it all with a wet mop. Just make sure to keep a continuous forward motion to keep all the dirt, dust, and loose material moving along. And if you wonder when and how often you should clean your BJJ mats, it’s best to clean it before every rolling session. 

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