Tatami GI Review – Top Products for 2020

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Tatami Fightwear is a widely popular and highly successful Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brand. It offers a large range of excellent quality and brand gear at a reasonable price for both adults and kids. The brand is preferred by top-notch jiu-jitsu and grappling athletes across the globe. Their products include a variety of Gis, T-shirts, hoodies, tracksuits, jackets, shorts, snapbacks, joggers, vests, bags, BJJ belts, towels, laundry powder, patches, mats and much more. Gear is important when it comes to an athlete’s performance and so trainers and practitioners must choose products that fit their needs perfectly, compliments them and improve their efficiency in the sport.  The brand is ideal for people with any requirements, taste, and targets in supplying buyers with durable and best quality products. Tatami gi review below  – read more about best buy options.


There has been a huge demand for Tatami Gis ever since the brand came into existence. Tatami Gi range includes The Nova Gis, Lightweight Gis, Premium Gis and Exclusive Gis.

The Nova  Tatami Gi Range  – BUY HERE

The Nova Gi range is the most affordable Gi range and is worn by a majority of young trainers and practitioners who want a decent quality Gi at a low price. These Gis are ideal for anyone who has just started off at the sport. The range involves two types of Gis, the Nova Minimo range for anyone who wants to wear a simple design and the Nova Plus which is a more updated Gi range. The buyer can choose between white, black and royal blue colors. These Gis can, however, shrink that is why they come in a bit bigger sizes so there isn’t a huge difference in their size when they are washed. The buyer also gets a free white belt with every Gi. Nova Mk4 BJJ Gis, Nova plus BJJ Gis for men and ladies are popular Gis in this price range.


Lightweight Gi Range – BUY HERE

These Gis are very lightweight as the name suggests. They are very comfortable to wear. The Zero-G Gi range is carefully crafted to improve the athlete’s performance. The most recent lightweight Gi is the Estilo Leve Gi being one of their best products in this range and is very lightweight and easy to fight with.

Premium Gi Range – BUY HERE

By spending a little extra for this range, the buyer gets a Gi with high quality and eye-catching style. The Estilo and its pearl weave jacket are one of the brand’s finest designs. The TATAMI Tank Gi is part of this range and is specially designed for tougher practitioners. The premium GIs tend to shrink after a bunch of washes, the Estilo can shrink 1 or 2 percent and the Tank Gi can shrink up to 10 percent.

Exclusive Gi Range – BUY HERE

The exclusive Gi range is the most exquisite of all Gis of Tatami. They are vastly unique and high quality in design and patchwork as compared to other Gis that are on the brand’s shelves. With eye-catching illustrations on their two most popular ranges produced in 2014,
the TATAMI Thinker Monkey and the TATAMI Zen Gorilla, the athlete is bound to draw attention and feel superior. Other models in the exclusive range include Dragon-Fly Gi,Mike Fowler Signature GI, and Honey Badger GI.

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