Paper Cutter Choke – Application and Defense

Chokes are some of the most important tools of the trade when it comes to the sport and martial art of BJJ. It’s one of the most effective sets of moves that you can implement in your game in order to finish the bout against your opponent. If you use the choke properly at the right moment, then you will literally choke your opponent out. He will experience a sudden drop in blood flow to his brain – and he will fall asleep. One of the best moves that you can use for this purpose is the so-called Paper Cutter Choke. If you want to learn something more about the setting up and execution of this move, then you have come to the right place.

Doing the Paper Cutter Choke

One of the best positions from which you can implement and execute this choke is north-south. Well, to be fair, it’s the position that you’re in when you’re in-between side-control and north-south. This is the golden zone when it comes to implementing the papercut choke.

What you need to do from this position is slide your arm under your opponent’s closer armpit and grab his gi at the neck area with it. And boom, you have the perfect setup for finishing this move. Next, you need to drop down your entire weight on your opponent’s torso.

The next step is to grab your opponent’s cross-collar with your free arm. Start rotating towards the north-south position. Sprawl your body down and use your hands to apply pressure to your opponent’s neck. He will soon have to do a tap-out or go to sleep. If you want to see a visual demonstration of this move, then we suggest you see video below

Caution when using the Paper Cutter Choke

Many of you will get overzealous to try this move out on an unsuspecting opponent. But you need to be aware that this move is devastatingly effective. Normally, this is not such a bad thing for chokes in terms of big risks for injuries occurring while doing them. However, the papercut choke is so potent and powerful and sudden that your opponent may fall asleep without even realizing it.

It’s in the nature of the move that it’s so sudden. So, you need to be very careful with the execution of this move – especially if your opponent is a rookie and hasn’t the slightest clue about what the papercut choke is all about. Apply pressure slowly and try to feel and see if your opponent is passing out. If you see this and you’re in sparring – then the smartest thing to do is let the choke go and make a mental note that you have won against your opponent with that choke. If you do the papercut choke in a tournament, however, it’s your opponent job to tap out in time. Moreover, there is a referee that will oversee whether your opponent has gone to sleep without you noticing it. So, everyone should be fine in the end.

Paper Cutter Choke Defense

Since the choke comes from your opponent’s hand at your throat, while his other arm just supports the move – all you need to do to foil this move is block your opponent’s top arm from finishing the move. You can use whichever arm you have free and put it in front of your throat – this will block the choke altogether. Sure, your opponent may try and do away with your hand in any way possible. If you persist and don’t give it out to him – you’ll be fine. Of course, the smartest thing would be to block your opponent’s papercut choke in the beginning – while he’s setting it up. Don’t let him grab your gi from under your armpit and at your neck – this is, as you recall, the way to start executing this move.

Conversely, if your opponent tries to defend the papercut choke, you need to act quickly. The best thing to do is drill this move ad infinitum until you can do it while sleeping, so to say. You will then see that you’re automatically going through the motions very quickly – and not many of your opponents will be able to counter the papercut choke in time. The match will soon be over once they tap out or fall asleep.

In conclusion

The Paper Cutter Choke is a very powerful, very sudden choke that you can implement in your BJJ game. It’s a bit more complicated and difficult to execute – so it’s recommended for white belts to don’t mind this choke at the beginning of their BJJ career. However, if you’re a white belt and feel adventurous, then you can try and implement this move. See if it works out for you. We hope that you will tap out many of your opponents with the devastatingly effective papercut choke.

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