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BJJ Spats are a type of tights that is pretty popular among the grapplers. Spats are made of thick fabric and are heavily stitched, which make them different from normal compression pants. They are specially designed to tolerate harsh and tough training sessions. Spats are made of tough materials like polyester, nylon, and spandex.

Usually grapplers avoid wearing spats due to ridiculous looks. However, there are several reasons why successful grapplers tend to wear spats more than shorts. The best reasons are good hygiene, better performance, best comfort and a unique style.Spats have grabbed a lot of attention in the market in the recent years. There is a very large variety of spats to choose from. When buying a spat, there are several characteristics that should be kept under consideration such as; material of the spat that lasts longer, sublimation of the design and logo on the spat so it does not wear off and also the style of the spat for best appearance. Check out our list of the best BJJ spats

Why to use BJJ Spats

There are two main questions that need to be answered. What are BJJ spats and why to use them? This article, we will cover the main benefits of wearing BJJ spats and review the best BJJ Spats on the market.

BJJ spats are basically lower body rashguards, and as far as a reason to wear them are the same as for Rashguard. They can be worn under gi pants or under BJJ shorts. All the spats reviewed feature anti-microbial technology, so they will offer protection against all common germs found on BJJ mats. Also, Best BJJ spats protect against rashes, mat burns and anything else that you can pick up from dirty gym floors.

The second benefit is that these spats feature dry tech and that helps to regulate temperature. This feature keeps you cool in the summer and warm in wintertime, also this helps to preserve your gi by keeping moisture away. the third great benefit is the compression effect of spats that helps your muscles work more efficiently and to recover much faster.

Best BJJ Spats

We reviewed some of the best BJJ spats on market. Products covered in this article are listed below:

  • Venum Giant Spats
  • Raven Fightwear Men’s Ulfhedinn BJJ MMA Spat

  • Scramble Black V3 BJJ spats

  • Hypnotik Swirl grappling spats

  • Hayabusa Metaru 47

Venum Giant Spats

Venum is one the leading clothes industry in the market of BJJ, it has been making remarkable spats since ages and it never fails to show case its best. This spat is reinforced with Venum compression technology that provides the optimal resilience for muscles for best training sessions. The material of this fabric is specially built for faster recovery.Spandex 4-way Construction: that allows very easy movement.Dry Tech fabric: for absorbing the sweat and keeping body fresh.Super-soft and durable fabric for a longer run.


Raven Fightwear Men’s Ulfhedinn BJJ MMA Spats

This outclass spat has the best offered features from the market such as; cutting-edge fabric, best comfort with maximum flexibility and sweat absorbent. This spat is made of comfortable and durable polyester-spandex blend along with fully sublimated artwork on the fabric.


Scramble Black V3

The Scramble Black V3 offers great quality, best comfort and utter fitness. They are very opposite to compression pants. It is reinforced with dense polyester that makes these pants very comfortable and durable. They will not be see-through even when stretched and will last longer even after tough training sessions. They are easily available in market.


Hypnotik Swirl

Hypnotik is one of the flag ships in the spats industry, they have made wonderful gears for the fighter and never disappointed in terms of long run, comfort and fitness. Combined with outclass qualities with really eye-catching designs. These spats have best features to offer such as; strong stitched fabric, attractive sublimated graphics and very affordable.


Hayabusa Metaru 47

The Metaru 47 is not anything lesser than the others, offering a long array of pros along with amazing styles. When buying new spats, they are one of the best options to buy from as they are fitted with performance driven technology like X-Static Xt2 Silver and strategic compression. These pants do not fail to put an aggressive look on the grappler before a fight along with a stylish look. They keep muscles relaxed and also help fight infection. They are easily available in market.

Things to look for when buying BEST BJJ SPATS


Spats should be made of high-quality and tough materials, so they can tolerate harsh training sessions. Materials such as polyester, nylon, and spandex are usually used in this item’s composition. The fabric needs to be soft, light and comfortable. More expensive spats include a Dry Tech fabric. This technology is absorbed sweat and it helps to regulate body temperature. Overall, it will be more hygienic, more comfortable, leading to a better performance.


If you want to purchase spats that will last a long time, pay attention to the stitching. Spats should be well sowed and heavily stitched, in order to be durable. Also, if you can try the spats on, that can be helpful. This way you can understand if the stitching is itchy or if it’s comfortable to use.


Besides the Dry fabric technology, spats nowadays incorporate other qualities that contribute to added durability and comfort.

Spats with Anti-microbial technology include anti-odor properties, a factor that makes the fighter more comfort while practicing BJJ. Also, spats can have a thermoregulation technology, which allows the body to stay dry and to maintain the muscles warm.


A lot of grapplers still avoid wearing spats for the practice of BJJ. The reason is that some say it looks ridiculous, other think their movements will be restricted while wearing spats. The fact is that nowadays there’s an immense variety of spats available in the market. You can choose the style that suits you best. Spats have different colors, logos and design. Try on a few and see if you feel comfortable. For sure if you’re a no-Gi practitioner, give spats a go.

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