The Best BJJ Finger Tape and how to use it

People are often very enthusiastic when it comes to sports and it being their hobby, a passion drives them to compete and test their body’s limitations, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is an example of this. However, stressing your physical capabilities can sometimes end in pain and even a chance of being injured. In the case of BJJ it can be the swelling of joints, sprained fingers or knuckles and in worse scenarios, a full on fracture, all of this caused by the constant pressure on our limbs.  All of these injuries can be prevented and protected by using a BJJ finger tape. They are a simple and effective way to control the movement of your fingers that are damaged all the while offering you a stronger grip, even if you are injury free.

Taping your fingers can make them more durable against twisting or bending when you are practicing techniques such as grappling and save you a lot of time in pain.Aside from the advantages, it is advisable to rest and heal if your condition is serious

How to use BJJ Finger Tape


X-taping is done for minor sprains, finger swelling or aches; it is also applied to provide additional grip and defense against injuries. It involves taping a single finger or a pair together by enveloping them in an “X” pattern; this will reduce the movement of a dislocated or swelled joint. You can tape the injury multiple times in the “X” fashion to reinforce the area and highly restrict movement to prevent pain.

Buddy Taping

Buddy taping is used in the case of severe sprains or fractures; it does the same function of restricting movement but applied only in pairs. You can combine it with the X technique to provide additional protection and movement limitation. Make sure that the applied tape is in accordance with the direction of the injured knuckles; whether it’s lateral or horizontal it needs to provide stability.We recommend you the following finger tapes as they have proven to be the best by comparison.

Best BJJ Finger Tape to buy

There are several best tapes to buy in the market depending on a couple of points; thickness of the tape, wideness for covering a larger area, price, and gripping capability. However there are cons to look at while purchasing, so it is recommended to survey the market first.

Armadillo Skin Finger Tape

Armadillo’s Skin finger tape is made from 100%, is latex free and leaves no residue making it easier to operate with. Even if it’s easy to tear the tape offers an adhesive force of 7N making it one of the best to provide sturdy and reliable support to any injury. It is designed specifically for grapplers to offer them a powerful grip all the while protecting their joints and prevent soreness. A pack has 6 rolls and each one is 0.3 x 15 yards.

Powertrain Finger Taping

The Powertrain finger tape shines in its ability to resist water while being made of cloth.
It is latex free and woven out of high quality fabrics making it a durable product to work with. The water resistance, breathability and its adhesive attribute makes it a very viable option when it comes to activities with high intensity and prolonged workout duration. Strong compressive and a constant tension allow it to restrict movements when applied for injury or grip. It is available in a custom length of 1cm x 10m.

Tap Tape – Fission 0.3 Finger Tape

Tap Tape’s Fission finger tape proves to be a versatile option for purchase when it comes to BJJ. After proper application, Fission 0.3 can hold together and shield your joint injuries or swelling for a long period of time. It is flexible, easy to apply and remove thereby making it a remarkable option regarding usability for anyone. There is also a high thread count in its fabric and each packet has 3 rolls, 15 yards each and a 0.3 width, giving you more bang for your buck.

Evolve Magic Finger Tape

When it comes to protection and reinforcement, Evolver’s Magic finger tape takes the name. The latex rubber, which it is made of, adds layers after layers of a strong and sturdy grip. The stiff construction of the product also makes it a barrier to prevent injuries when faced with possible and serious blows. Its key features are its non-sticky and self-sealing capabilities as it holds firm even if it’s wet, therefore adding water resistance