5 no gi BJJ Chokes you Should Learn

For many BJJ practitioners – the no-gi game is where it’s at. They love to do only no gi specific moves. Well, there are many differences between the two styles, but the best thing about learning no gi moves is that they can translate well to gi game, while certain gi chokes cant be utilized without collar and lapel. That being said, today you will read about the most powerful no gi BJJ chokes.

5 no gi BJJ Chokes you Should Learn

Anaconda choke

The first choke is the so-called Anaconda choke – it reminisces one of a big snake choking out someone’s neck. You can do this move from various different positions – even while standing up. The way to do it is you slide one of your arms underneath your opponent’s throat and underneath his opposite arm. At the same time, you’re blocking his head from moving out of the choke with your chest. You grab your opposite arm at the elbow and you put your opposite arm on top of your opponent’s back. The squeeze that you will be able to do from here will choke your opponent out.

Arm Triangle Choke

The arm triangle is another popular no gi BJJ choke that you can implement in your game, very effectively. You can do it from many positions, including the mount and the bottom full-guard. However, this move is most often made from side-control. The way to do it is to put one of your arms under your opponent’s head from the opposite side. You will then need to isolate his arm somehow, and then grab your hand with your other arm. You can even use your head to create additional pressure. So, on one side, your opponent will be choked by your arm and, from the other side, by his own arm.


The Marcelotine is a variation of the popular guillotine move. It was created and popularized by Marcelo Garcia, a BJJ legend. It differs from the regular guillotine in the placement of the forearms. You first put one of your arms around your opponent’s neck so that your forearm will reach his throat. You grab your hand with your opposite hand and then you place both of your forearms on top of your opponent’s trapezius muscles. You then use force to create pressure and choke out your opponent.

Darce Choke

The Darce Choke is somewhat of an opposite of the Anaconda choke. The two of them are very similar, though they differ in one important way. If for the Anaconda choke you had to put your arm under your opponent’s neck and then his arm so that you can grab your other arm at the elbow and choke him out – here you will have to put your arm under your opponent’s arm first and then under his neck. Again – grab your opposite arm at the elbow after this and create the pressure required to choke your opponent out. UFC’s Tony Ferguson is very popular for doing this to some of his opponents.

North-South Choke

The north-south choke was also popularized by Marcelo Garcia. The way to do this move starts in side-control. While you’re in side-control, you will need to wrap your opponent’s head from the opposite side, with your arm. Then you use your ribs to block your opponent’s head from turning, as this would neutralize the pressure in the key areas needed for a tap-out. After this it’s simple – all you need to do is to sprawl and squeeze with your arm underneath your opponent’s neck. This should result in a tap out.

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These were the five most effective and most popular chokes for the no gi BJJ game. We advise you to practice them and see which ones are easiest to perform for you.