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Grip fighting is an important part of Jiu Jitsu and so is grip strength. Every BJJ practitioner must have excellent grip strength so they have good resistance against their opponents during practice or fight. Advanced level players are already familiar with various gripping strategies and techniques. Beginners can develop grip strength through practice, although it would take them a good amount of time to understand grip fighting.

Grippers are essential tools used by BJJ grapplers, practitioners and athletes to develop grip strength. There are dozens and hundreds of grappling tools available but it is important to pick one that gives maximum results in an affordable price, without having to replace it after a short time of use. Following is a list of the best grappling tools out there; they are of extremely high quality, are affordable, effective and durable.

Best BJJ Grippers

5-BILLION Hand Strength Grip & Finger Stretcher

This product by 5-billion is a must-have for anyone involved in grappling. It targets all the muscles of the fingers and the forearm muscles. It also helps greatly with finger injuries. Buyers get three different grippers with this product, that give three different levels of resistance ranging from 30 to 50 lbs. This hand strength Grip & finger stretcher is one of the best pieces one can get. It is durable and great to train with. 5-billion gives a 90-day money back and replacement guarantee.


GD Iron Grip Adjustable Gripper

GD Iron Grip Adjustable Gripper is easily one of the best grippers available. It gives about 55 lbs. of resistance all the way to 200 lbs. of resistance. The gripper comes with six tension levels and an option to extend handle length. With a simple design and a great fit, it is an excellent option for anyone who wants to improve or build grip strength.


Gripmaster Hand Gripper

Gripmaster Hand Gripper is available in five different attractive color designs. It provides excellent resistance. It is easily one of the best pieces athletes can get and has a simple and effective built. Players can adjust the tension as well. The initial setting of this gripper is 9 lbs. per finger.  The product is pocket friendly and easy to carry around.


MummyFit Gripper

MummyFit Gripper is another great gripping tool for building strength. It has adjustable tension. Practitioners can start from 50 lbs. and can go all the way up to 150 lbs. The tool is highly durable and has a great grip to it. It is safe to train with, athletes would not have to worry about the gripper bouncing off their hands or slipping out of them.


VariGrip Sports Hand Gripper

VariGrip Sports Hand Gripper is a more advanced piece as compared to some others mentioned on the list. It is the latest build and gives maximum benefits. The design is unique as well. The gripper comes with five pistons, one for each finger. It also has adjustable tension, from average to heavy. This gripper is better for advanced players but beginners can adjust to it as well after a lot of training.  It fits well and comes in black color with an attractive shape.


IronMind Captains of Crush Gripper

IronMind Captains of Crush Gripper may look old fashioned, but it is one of best gripping tools that one can find. It is easy to carry and perfect even for people who are beginners at gripping. It is made of steel and aluminum but is extremely lightweight. This gripper is quite durable and effective with a good amount of workouts. They come in different ranges from 60 lbs. to 365 lbs. Buyers also get an E-book with the package, which serves as an excellent guide to various exercises that you can do with this piece.


Yifi-Tek Hand Gripper

With adjustable resistance starting from 30 lbs. to 145 lbs, it comes in the color black or black and red. It also comes 100% lifetime warranty. The design is quite attractive too. A little extra strength would be required while training with these grippers. Yifi-Tek gives two grippers at once, so gripping practitioners can train both hands at the same time.  Buyers can also enjoy four online manuals, which carry dozens of exercises that individuals can do with these grippers.