BJJ SPARING – Tips for any BJJ practitioner

Sparring is basically another name for rolling. More or less they are the same. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners usually set the intensity of the sparring which can either be high or low. Sparring is a term used to define a wrestling session with a partner that is good for keeping in form. It is usually done for warmup for a competitive fight. There are several different things that depend on the intensity of sparring such as; the partner, techniques, or gym. It is really important to choose a proper partner for sparring. It is also important to follow proper techniques for sparring.  Moreover, the gym where sparring is done is important.

Tips for BJJ sparing

 Don’t choose the same partner every time

We all have our favorite partner we like to fight against. Might be they are closer to our size or might be they don’t go too hard on us. Whatever the case might be, we should keep our bicker sessions elegant by choosing new partners.

Tip:Without reasoning, select the first available person you see on the mats.


Training 2-3 times per week

Ultimately, you should train, on the other hand, much you can fit into your schedule. If time restricts you and you can’t ease a way out then go with the situation. But to master the game and become a real master you need to have at least 2 or 3 times of training a week. The more you will train the more you will become ready to face your opponent. Always try to train 4 to 5 times a week as this is the ideal routine for the beginners.



If you care for others and want to play fair a word of advice cut your nails. These growing protein extensions can harm your partner in any way possible. So the best thing is to avoid these kinds of situations because the results of devastation can be seen in the past before. Always check your nails before starting the training with your partner. The best advice from our side is that always keep a nail cutter along with you in a bag.



Especially when you are new and still figuring things out, you need to put in time on the mats. Any time you can, drill your technique and get in rolls. If you have the energy and you are healthy enough to do so, stick around after class and get in extra rolls.

Even if it’s a couple extra five minute rolls, that extra time on the mat can start to add up for your game. If you can stick around for an extra hour, that could be the equivalent of getting in an extra class. So beginners should attend this extra class to make a good improvement in a small passage of time.


Use technique over strength.

When you are a beginner, you don’t know a lot of techniques, therefore you do not have a lot of experience with rolling, so how do you fight? You use all of your strength to cover your lack of techniques.

Always keep the pressure on your opponent. Pressure takes time to master, you may need several years to understand the whole concept. When you have good pressure people makes mistake while defending and sneer you an opening to finish your attack.

Good pressure comes from pushing from with your toes. Whether in side control or trying to pass the guard, only your feet and toes should touch the ground.

Put yourself in a bad position. Everybody has holes in the game and you should constantly try to find and fix them. If you always get submitted when people take your back. Then let people take your back and work on your escape.As a beginner, you should avoid rolling with 100% percent of your strength.


Tap earlier to prevent injuries.

Always you need to know your limits, otherwise, you will get injured.

The shoulder has a better range of motion than the arm but it is delicate. If you wait to have the pain under control but you don’t. This can result in bone damage or any major damage for you if you are a new one. Many experts get injure just because they want to increase their stamina. It does not mean that should also follow these instructions.


Roll with everyone.

To be good at jiu-jitsu, you want to roll with everyone, because some techniques won’t work with everyone. People have different jiu-jitsu styles, weight, and morph type.  Rolling with everyone and staying open mind, you will develop a complete game that will let you fight anyone in case their weight or there BJJ style.

Rolling light could help you too. Rolling with intensity is good because you get a good body work out and it is like a real fight, we try to kill each other on the mat but we stay respect full. However, if you just recover injury or you have back problems you do not want to roll hard and end up by going to the hospitals. If you work very hard in routine, you will surely get succeeded.

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