5 Types of Bad Training Partners you will meet at BJJ

BJJ brings together all kinds of people. Various age, skin color, gender, social status, level of education, etc. come together here. No wonder that we will also meet various bad types of training partners there.

5 types of bad training partners you will meet at BJJ

Too talkative

This is one of the more common training partners types. He is generally nice, helpful, etc. Seems perfectly normal, but this type just talks and talks and talks. His mouth practically doesn’t close. The stream of words flows out of him practically irresistible. If he talked only about BJJ, training, how to do the technique you are practicing it’s not such a big problem. But he is talking about everything. What he ate for breakfast, how his children are doing at school, what are his vacation plans. BJJ is only sometimes there. It’s hard to focus while training with such a person. This type of training partner sometimes talks even when the coach is explaining the technique.


This type of training partner thinks he knows all the answers. Sometimes they really knew a lot and can give you valuable advice. But other times they can be a real pain in the ass. This type of training partner will always point out even the slightest mistakes in your technique. Generally is good to have someone to correct you. But this person will do it Even when there is nothing wrong. You are doing the technique perfectly fine. The coach said you are doing good. And this type of person just always has to add that little extra bit. whether he is right or wrong because he thinks he is always right. therefore, you should rethink twice the advice of such persons. This type can seem knowledgeable and confident, but in reality, what he is saying is some nonsense.

Too easy going

This type is kinda opposite to the above ones. He is just relaxed, really chill, not talking much. Sometimes its really cool to train with someone like that. Problems start when we realize this type of training partner is too easy going. He not only barely talk, but also barely think. He is also not paying much attention to things around. This type doesn’t really know what technique you are doing, what the coach said etc. Suddenly it turns out that you have to focus twice because he doesn’t do it at all. Sometimes you will understand the technique better because of it. But other times can be just tiring. After all, you don’t go to BJJ to think for other people.


We train BJJ for various reasons. It got a lot of benefits, our friends are into it, etc. The point is, generally no one comes to practice to fight for their life. And with this type of training partner, it is all about survival. Straight from the start, he goes into you with full hist strength and weight. You are learning chokes? He will put you to sleep. It just this type of person that gives his all or nothing. And while doing that is not gentle at all. This training partner doesn’t care if you are smaller and he is crushing you, etc. While doing with this type you will miss the too easy-going one.


This type of training partner just doesn’t care about hygiene. Doing techniques with people mentioned above might be unpleasant because of the way they behave. With this person just being around may be not that nice. This type of training partner doesn’t wash their gi, or worse, doesn’t wash himself. It’s awful because this person might be super nice and helpful but just the smell from their mouth, feet or clothes is unbearable.

If you see some of these behaviors at yourself or even you can fall into one of these training partners types it’s high time to rethink your life. Being a good training partner is just simply important. It is good for your teammates, your club, and it’s good for you. Don’t be the bad one.