5 Benefits of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Since you are training BJJ, you probably know its advantages. However, sometimes we have crises and moments of a doubt why we train at all. Then sometimes it is worth remembering what these benefits are. Alternatively, you may be tired of constant questions from friends/family, “why do you train BJJ”, etc. If so, below are the 5 most important Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  in the form of ready-made arguments to quickly cut such questions next time 😉

5 Benefits of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

 Endurance increase, weight loss

BJJ is the perfect sport to improve your endurance and at the same time lose weight. Trainings are exhausting, you use all muscles during them. They combine strength training and cardio. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is just a great full-body workout. And thanks to that we improve our body shape.The high intensity of this sport means that we lose weight and at the same time we harden our body. Through the rigors of surviving your training sessions, you put your body through a lot. After just a few weeks of training, you can see that you increase your body’s strength and endurance. Your grips are tighter, your arms are stronger, you can train longer and more, and by the way, you look better 😉


Patience and humility

In BJJ, the belt system is much more restrictive than in other martial arts. It often takes over 10 years to get a black belt. This is not a sport in which you will quickly be rewarded with a new belt color for some minimal achievement. Also, as you roll more often, you begin to realize that relying on simple brute strength in BJJ is not enough for you to be successful. Once you get put into a bad position for instance, instead of trying to bench press your opponent off you, try using the techniques you have learned.

However, you need time and many repetitions of a technique to do that. So BJJ teaches that some things have to be earned by hard work and for others, you just need to wait. Thanks to this, you can really see the differences between the colors of the belts, which also teach humility. Also regardless of your size and strength, an experienced BJJ player will be able to outmaneuver and tap you out. And when someone smaller defeats you, you realize that you are not as good as you thought. Thanks to this, you learn modesty and respect for training, because only they can help you master certain skills. As a consequence, you become humble throughout your life.



BJJ helps fight shyness and build confidence. BJJ, being a combat sport, unloads mental stress and forces trainees to leave their comfort zone and face pain, their fears, uncertainty, etc. By doing this in training you learn how to handle yourself both physically and mentally. This translates into your later behavior in everyday life. The mentality of fighting your weakness from trainings becomes almost second nature to your daily life. Fact is, by learning how to handle yourself in difficult situations first on the mat, later in life, significantly improve your confidence.



BJJ gives a sense of security in situations that may threaten our health or life. Learned moves and calmness will let you get out of a lot of trouble. It may not be that by training BJJ we are immediately specialists in self-defense, but still, it significantly increases your chances of defending yourself against the attacker. You are used to the fact that someone can suddenly catch you, etc., you just know what to do, and you are not paralyzed by fear. Also, in a physical brawl, punching isn’t nearly as effective as taking your opponent to the ground and controlling their movement. And that’s why it’s good to know BJJ when we get into a fight or something like that. This is even the main reason why military and law enforcement go through training programs derived from BJJ techniques.


A great way to meet people, make friends and feel like a family

One of the most important benefits of brazilian Jiu jitsu is a atmosphere of the mat cannot be compared to anything else. Entering training it is not important where you work, your education level, etc. You all just share a passion for BJJ and that’s all that matters. Also, you enter into amazing relationships with your co-trainers. You can literally talk to everybody, age, social status, sex or whatever doesn’t really matter. When you start training, you just enter a large BJJ family that cares for their members like no other. Everyone is helpful, you can count on team members in every situation and this is the most beautiful feature of this sport.


There are, of course, many more benefits of training BJJ. The above are just a few examples. Everything, of course, depends on your thoughts and experiences. However, there is no doubt, that it is a very valuable sport and only you decide how much it will affect your life.