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When it comes to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA or Muay Thai there is a high chance of getting injured if you are not equipped with the necessary kit. To protect yourself properly while training it’s good to wear rashguards, mouthguards and sometimes ear protectors. But there is also one more important thing to wear for protection – groin protector (cup). Below you can read more about the best groin protector (guards/cups) for BJJ, MMA, and Muay Thai.

Why it is good to wear a groin protector or Cup?

The answer to that question is simple. It is good to wear it to protect your genitals. There are many dangers of sparing without using a cup or a groin protector. A direct hit to the testicles with enough force can result in potential and permanent damage. So, if you ever plan on having kids or want to have more kids, better wear it. It is just a great way of avoiding serious injury to your family jewels. However, if the potential damage doesn’t bother you, you don’t want to have children, etc. think about pain. Taking a hard shot right on your groin can be just really painful. It is a thing that can make even an adult man cry. This is one of the few hits that will affect most men equally.

The low blow is the one-shot that will drop even the biggest fighters out there. A good groin protector will ensure that you can withstand a direct hit to your groin, without dropping like a little boy on the ground. While you will still feel some shock, there is a night and day difference of how it will affect you. Most opponents of groin protectors say that Cup might hurt your training partner, but it is a very rare situation. However, if your teammate complains you can always move to a different position or take it off. Wearing a groin guard is not a lifetime decision.

Types of groin protectors

There are two general types of groin protectors, and they differ in whether you wear them on your underwear or under/instead of it. Generally, groin guard that goes over your pants was designed for sports with less leg movement such as Boxing. The protectors that go underneath your shorts give you more versatility because they are much tighter. This means you can roll around on the matt or jump around and still have your groin guard in place. You just have to check what suits you better.

 What to look for when buying a groin protector (cup)?

If you want to protect yourself properly, it is very important to find the best groin protector for you. Below you will find some of the key things you need to look at when buying a new groin guard.


Some groin protectors provide high protection, but at the cost of comfort. Training in them will be simply tiring and unpleasant. So, it is just good to focus on finding a thing that will fit you really well. The comfort of the groin guard will depend largely on the design of the protector. Because everyone has a different body type and build, no cup will fit the same on two people. Everyone will have their own preference. The best way to find out something on the comfort of a groin protector is to look up reviews and see what other people are saying. By reading the reviews you can see what people like and don’t like about the cup.


No matter if you are buying a gi or a groin protector, size is key. The cup size you choose will depend on your waist size. Every brand will have sizing directions that will help you determine what size of shorts you should choose. Choosing a good size is important because you don’t want a cup to move around when you train. Also, some groin protectors have a one-size fits all cup that allows you to adjust the straps for the ideal fit. These cups do not come with a jockstrap and are designed to be worn over your underwear.


Protection is the main and actually the only purpose of the groin guard. So check if it is made of sufficiently strong material so that you do not feel the impact of a hit. The difference in protection among the different brands is often minimal.


Most of the time when it comes to groin protectors, cheap cups provide sufficient protection but lack comfort. The more expensive ones just provide better protection and fit. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on it and can live with the groin protector being a bit uncomfortable and moving around a lot, then you can get cheap brands. If, however, high comfort, freedom of movement, etc. is more important for you, it is better to buy something a little more expensive.

 Best Groin Protector (Cup) for BJJ, MMA, and Muay Thai

It can be very hard to find the right option for yourself due to the vast variety. Options that are fulfilling a practitioner’s needs are very vital. The following are some of the best BJJ cups that are approved by pros.

Diamond Athletic Groin Protector

It delivers exactly what a practitioner is expecting from a groin protecting cup. It is extremely comfortable to wear while keeping you safe too; the cup is also affordable. This cup is the choice of professional football players, MMA fighters and many other contact sport’s athletes. The high-tech design on this cup helps to neutralize even the hardest strikes that are completely directed to the groin area. The cup is made to stay in place securely despite grappling at very fast paces. The cup can withstand a 20 lbs. sledgehammer strike indicating that you are more than safe while practicing for BJJ all due to its polycarbonate core that is also present in a bulletproof vest.


Shock Doctor Compression Shorts with Athletic Cup

Shock Doctor is a name every practitioner has heard before. This brand delivers great gear that is made for grapplers and combat athletes. They combined the compression shorts with a built-in cup to provide comfort as well as safety to the practitioner. The shorts are made from synthetic moisture-wicking material that helps the person to keep dry as well as to regulate the temperature. The shorts come with a built-in pocket that is integrated with a high-grade protection cup. The shorts have a flatlock seam which keeps everything in its place and secure.


Lo Bloo Professional BJJ Cup

Traditionally this cup was made for Muay Thai but now it can be seen to be used in every kind of contact sport and with great merit. The Swedish Olympic athletes developed this cup according to the needs faced by the practitioners of Muay Thai. It is guaranteed to provide 100% protection while also being highly comfortable to wear and also offers maximum mobility. The fitting system of this cup helps you to perfectly adjust it according to your own autonomy. The inner lining makes it impossible to shift from its place. This cup comes with a lifetime guarantee too.


RDX Jiu-Jitsu Groin Guard

RDX is a great brand that delivers amazing grappling gear, making everything, from shorts to BJJ cups. The groin guard is a strap on type which eradicates all kind of fuses that might arises. It is the ideal cup for people who want protection without too much fuss. The cup is a jock strap on it making it very easy to use. The cup is made of steel but is highly effective when it comes to a hard blow in the practitioner’s groin. The inside of the cup is lined with a special coated layer so that steal doesn’t dig into the gentle parts. Since it is a jock strap design, it might be uncomfortable during the grappling exchanges.


Meister MMA Compression Cup Pocket Shorts

It is another product which is a short integrated with a cup for optimal protection. It provides maximum protection as well as amazing comfort. The cup on the short allows the practitioner to extract the up whenever he wants to make the cup almost unnoticeable. The material of the short is spandex and polyester mix with double stitching to ensure high quality and security. The inside of the short includes a Velcro tape closing system which can fit different sized of cups. They are available in different colors and is offering a 100% guaranteed protection.

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