Best Kinesio Tapes for BJJ, Grappling & MMA

BJJ practitioners are mostly seen wearing tape on their arms or shoulder during gym or in BJJ classes; the tape is called Kinesiology tape and is quite common among BJJ Practitioners. BJJers are prone to injuries that sometimes cause a serious problem if left untreated.  Kinesio tape or Kinesiology tape can save grapplers from developing chronic injuries.

Before these tapes were introduced, people would use common tape to treat muscular injuries or strains. Kinesio tapes are made specifically for these issues. They provide support to injured muscles and give benefits the same as that of a message. Another benefit of these tapes is that they do not restrict muscle movement regardless of the injury or strain and reduce pain as well. They lift the skin over the injured area to improve blood circulation in the targeted body areas and in turn reduce inflammation.

To gain maximum benefit out of these tapes, a person must know how to use them properly. Although they may sound easy to use, they are not. Secondly, it is important to pick the right tape out of the many options available in the market. Mentioned below are some of the best Kinesio Tapes for BJJ, Grappling and MMA that are guaranteed to give you good results if they are used properly.

Best Kinesio Tapes for BJJ, Grappling & MMA


Athletes can get both cut and uncut varieties in dozens of different colors. KT is one of the most popular brand among Jiu Jitsu players. The tape is more durable and powerful as compared to that of other brands or models. For someone who is suffering from chronic injuries or pain, this is one of the best picks. The tape is made up of material that is waterproof and breathable. The tape can stick to the skin for days. It is comfortable, latex free and easy to use.



Rocktape Kinesio tape is another excellent choice for BJJ practitioners and athletes. The tape is latex-free and will not cause any skin irritation. This high quality tape improves blood circulation and heals muscular pain and injuries faster than most tapes. It is widely popular among people involved in BJJ because of its amazing benefits.



Physic Gear Sport Kinesiology tape comes in plenty of different colors. It provides great comfort and support to the muscles without restricting motion or stretch. It is waterproof and long lasting. The tape will not irritate the skin. It comes in a pack of one or six. The buyer also gets an e-book guide on how to use it.



Tex Classic Kinesio tape is another good option for practitioners or professionals. This tape is comfortable is to wear. It comes in the color beige as compared to other flashy options. It comes both as a single roll and in bulk. The tape provides good support, increases blood flow and will causes no irritation.



Fitdom Kinesio Physiotherapy Tape is another great choice for BJJ athletes. It reliefs pain fast and provides excellent support. The tape is sweat resistant and can withstand heavy movement. The tape comes with instructions, so it is any one’s first time at using it, they would not have to worry. It is FDA approved and gives 100% money back guarantee.



Like other tapes discussed in this article, Theraband Kinesio tape is an excellent choice to relief pain and reduce inflammation. It gives support to the athletes even when there is no injury. It will not irritate the skin and is very comfortable to wear on the skin and under the Gi. The tape can be worn for long periods of time without any worry. Theraband Kinesio tape comes in plenty of different colors that athletes can choose from. It is mainly made of cotton and traces of spandex.  The tape is waterproof so it can be worn during swimming as well.



Flexu Kinesiology tape is so comfortable; players can barely feel it on their skin. The tape does not give any feeling of restriction and provides support the injured muscles quite well. It reduces inflammation and helps relieve muscle pain. The tape comes in four different colors and in a cylindrical box that is easy to carry. Each pack consists of three rolls. One of the best Kinesio tapes out there, and chosen by athletes all over the globe, this tape is a must-have for BJJ practitioners.

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