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BJJ or other martial arts is all about training with intensity and keeping all of your fighting instincts at the top of their game. Because you need to train so many aspects of your body at one time you will find yourself transitioning from one training method to another. Both of these styles are different in execution, one requires speed, momentum, and good coordination while the other focuses more upon maintaining proper form, making use of that mind muscle connection and strictly avoiding any instant burst of force; momentum is not a muscle after all. Check out Best BJJ Elbow Supports for 2020.

Why to Use Best BJJ Elbow Supports

Now with such a dynamic routine of physical activities, the body does not adapt so quickly, not without damaging any component or inflicting serious pain and stress, at least. Your joints are that one body part that takes the heaviest of these stressful hits, specifically, your elbow joints since your arms are the limbs that are the most in use and the most active of all. Another reason your elbows are at such a risk is that they are bones, the joints and ligaments do not grow as fast as your muscles grow thus there is lack of synergy; sure you might be feeling stronger but you are still at risk. One of the best ways you can avoid injury to your elbows is by having protective gear known as sleeves or braces. We have narrowed to down to some of the best elbow protective gear you can find on the marketplace. They will surely be a help in all of your physical training, whether dynamic or static, they will be effective.

Best BJJ Elbow Supports

Copper Compression Elbow sleeve

Looking for a product that is easy to wear and gives considerable protection? Then our first and foremost choice will be Copper Compression’s recovery sleeve for your elbows. What sets these piece of equipment apart is that it utilizes copper infusion technology to offer the user better relief of pain and stability during your intense workout sessions. The company has also had a reputation of being very customer friendly as they give out complete refunds in the event that their elbow joints are not to your satisfaction. There is very little reason to dislike them however as for the price they have, they offer much more in terms of reliability and protection. The elbow is sleeve is lightweight and very comfortable to wear around the arm. Moreover, it does not restrict the flow of blood and does not sting when you put it on as most of the cheaper products around the market tend to do. Overall, it is one of the best products you can find for the price and you will not be departing from them anytime soon.


Mava Sports Elbow Compression Sleeve

Mava sports are a great manufacturer to go for if you want the maximum amount of safety during your BJJ practices. Their elbow compression sleeve is guaranteed to relieve you from elbow pain and discomfort no matter how big your workouts are or how much strain they cause upon your joints. The sleeves also cover a long area as compared to the other sleeves mentioned in this article; they cover almost 70% of your arm with more of the emphasis given on the elbow and the area above, mainly targeting the deltoids. You can also wear the sleeves under your regular clothes as they are pretty low profile and light. This also makes them a great option if you are already suffering from extreme pain or injury around the elbows as they are pretty lightweight and flexible to be stretched around, you will not find the poking around your arm even if they do not seem like they would fit. Lastly, you can purchase Mava sport’s elbow compression sleeve in a wide variety of sizes if you find too much trouble with your fit but do not forget to choose your desired color between the shades of black and grey.


Crucial Compression Elbow Braces

Crucial Compression elbow braces are an excellent choice for someone who is a regular practitioner of both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and some resistance training. The elbow braces prevent any instant pain when you bend your elbows to do a grappling move or do a long repetition with a considerably heavyweight. Stability and support on the joints are one of the most crucial components to have whenever you are doing a physical activity that involves exertion of extreme force to the product gives you exactly that around those parts. More features that we can talk about is how comfortable are they to wear, you will not feel them touching or nagging you in places near your elbow joint to cause a “stingy” feeling when you are lifting weights or training hard. You can also wear them under your clothes and will not feel any weight or sweat because of the moisture absorbing qualities it has.


Quantro Compression Gear Arm and Elbow Sleeve

Quantro compression sleeves are an ideal choice for you as they have addressed to most of the common problems people have when they try out sleeves before their workout. Usually, they would be either too thick or bulky to wear under your regular clothes. Sometimes they are too loose and give a baggy look so you end up adjusting them most of the time. That is really frustrating most of the time as you are not giving full attention to your exercises or sparring session because of the distraction this adjustment causes. However, with Quantro Compression’s arm and elbow sleeve, you won’t have any of those problems because of how thin they are designed. The sleeves are pretty lightweight and are so narrow that they can be worn under your regular clothes without giving you a bulkier look. The sleeve is very supportive on the elbow and by itself very resilient. Another quality is how breathable the sleeves are because you do not feel hot and sweaty despite having another layer of clothing underneath. This support is often considered to be one of the best BJJ elbow supports.

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