Hayabusa Rash Guard Review

Rashguards are a type of shirt that is made out of dry material with the sole intention of keeping your body warm and muscles relaxed. However, rashguards also contribute greatly to the prevention of muscle injury as many MMA or BJJ users will find themselves having during their grapple training sessions. The benefits of a good rashguard are numerous and the indication of a good rashguard comes from its manufacturer. Hayabusa is one of those companies that have been in the game for a considerable amount of time and have been releasing products that are valued amongst the MMA community. Given below are some of the best Hayabusa rashguards you can find over the marketplace. Check out our Hayabusa Rash Guard Review

Hayabusa Rash Guard Review

Hayabusa Metaru 47

The Hayabusa Metaru 47 is one of the best and popular options in the series because of its economic price and the number of features it has. The rashguard uses AGTM compression fabric to give good comfort and flexibility which helps in practicing your moves with freedom and consistency.

Not only that, but there is also the presence of anti-microbial technology which increases the life of the product and makes it odor free no matter how long or intense your training session had been. It also prevents chafing as it was made with flatlock stitching and has fiber infused graphics to give protection. Speaking of the graphical design, people have been opting for this piece as it appears attractive and gives the impression of high quality.

Hayabusa Compression – Long sleeve

The standard compression rashguard by Hayabusa, this was designed by the manufacturer solely to exceed the expectations of the practitioner in all aspects that involve physical finesse. The rashguard is made out of Polyester and Elastane which gives the product its high-quality protection.

The advanced compression system also helps with optimizing your overall body temperature and improving blood flow. What isn’t apparent is the fact that the rashguard is pretty free to maneuver in despite having so much durability. The Compression Rashguard is pretty lightweight, has overlock stitching to make it robust and has great comfort. The long sleeve option also gives you more area to cover your muscles in, specifically the arms, since they will be doing most of the work.

Hayabusa Metaru Charged

Hayabusa’s Metaru series has seen some tremendous developments when it comes to the features of a rashguard. The Metaru Charged in the line comes with advanced compression thanks to Titanium; it helps in optimizing the overall body temperature, maintenance of the muscle function to perform at the maximum and the support of good blood circulation.

The rashguard shirt is made out of both Polyester and Elastance which gives it good protection and as mentioned before, Ti-22 titanium coated fibers that help with the blood flow. The Titanium also contributes to anti-bacterial properties to give good hygiene and breathability. Lastly, there are inner silicone banding locks that prevent the shirt from shifting and provide good fit during physical exertion.

Hayabusa Recast Long Sleeve Rash Guard

The thing that attracts the most about the Hayabusa Recast Rashguard is the awesome looks. However, the technology used in this product is not to be overlooked as it really proves all of the expectations you would have from a rashguard. The construction involves 91% polyester and 9% polymeric fiber which gives the rashguard its protection and strength.

The Recast is also excellent at absorbing away sweat and keeping your body warm during your workouts. It also adds great muscle endurance because of its compression, more hygiene because of the antimicrobial coating on the fibers and streamlined circulation of blood because of its comfortable fit. The rashguard also makes it sure that your opponents do not have a quick grip on you all the while giving you great dexterity and finesse to prepare for a counter attack.

Hayabusa Tech Falcon Grappling Rashguard

Hayabusa’s Tech Falcon is all about comfort and protection whenever you want to go the extra mile in your grapple training. The rashguard was designed with a traditional but bold fabric and stitching that rivals the strength of most of the guards out there.  Not only is it excellent at being consistent and durable because of its compression fabric, but it also gives you the maximum amount of mobility and flexibility because it is so stretchable. The method used in its stitching is known as flatlock stitching which prevents chafing. The rashguard’s design is also fiber infused which increments more durability against potential cuts, scrapes or rashes that you can encounter. It is an excellent option for breathability as it keeps your body dry and muscles warm.