Venum Rash guards Review – Top Picks for 2019

Venum has been a prominent manufacturer of everything related to martial arts and other fitness sports. They offer some of the best equipment and accessories that any athlete could ever want to complement his skills. The company started off in 2006 and has been going strong and shipping products all around the world. One of the products that Venum excels at making is the rash guards. Venum rashguards are designed with great innovation and have been overwhelmingly popular among the public. Check out the Venum rash guards review.

What is the need for using rash guards though? Why do we need so much design and thought into it? Well, first and foremost they prevent injury by being strategically designed to compress your muscles. They also offer great moisture control that prolongs your training session and gives your great comfort in addition. Given below are some of the best Venum rashguards you can find on the market.

Venum Rash guards Review

Venum Contender Rash Guard

The Venum Contender is a great product when it comes to protection and fit. The rash guard makes use of its well-designed compression fiber technology which improves blood flow and muscle recovery. The design also includes embedded silicone bands around the waist to prevent the rash guard from being dragged out to the upper body area, mainly around the chest, during your grapples. The fabric is infused with microfibers that makes the product very durable and consistent. Another thing worth mentioning is how the rash guard is made to draw moisture away from your skin with the anti-odor technology it comes equipped with.

Venum Shadow Hunter Rash guard 

Maximum mobility, comfort, and hygiene, these are all of the things that the Venum Shadow Hunter rash guard  is built upon. The anti-bacterial fabric provides great sweat absorption or moisture control; it is also a 4-way stretch fabric that gives you unrestricted control over your movements. The rash guard is made out of 85% polyester and 15% elastane which gives it great durability. It was also designed to best fit the body of whoever wears it and supports the natural flex, movement, and circulation of the blood. The unique thing about this piece of gear is that it has upper welded seams that provide a warm and soft feeling on the skin.

Venum Giant Long Sleeve Rash guard

Being one of Venum’s most valuable innovation to improve body support and breathability, the Giant Long Sleeve Rashguard is a product worthy of your investment. The ultralightweight spandex along the long sleeves gives good mobility with little to no stretch. The compression and fabric used in the rashguard greatly give moisture control leading to great and unrestricted movement during your training sessions. It also gives you a window to prolong your training session by keeping your body dry and muscles warm at all times. This Venum rashguard is made 90% of out the spandex and 10% elastane which speaks volume about the durability it offers. Lastly, it utilizes sublimated printing for the graphics so that design is not peeling off anytime soon.

Venum Technical Rash guard

The Venum technical rashguard is a great option for long workouts because of its anti-odor capabilities in its fabric and moisture control. It uses Venum’s compression fiber technology that improves blood flow and muscle recovery but the rash guard also has silicone bands around the waist area to give a good fit and prevent it from sliding up to your chest. The sizing of the Venum Technical rashguard has been designed to fit properly with various body types; this is a pretty important thing to consider when training your grapples as sometimes the rash guard interferes with the movement by being too loose or clunky. The looks of the rashguard are also worth noticing and it really sets you apart from others when you step into the gym or dojo.

Venum Nogi 2.0 Rash guard

The Venum Nogi 2.0 is another one of those rashguards that are not known to the public but its specifications are very notable to those who use it. The rash guard is made out of 87% polyester and 13% elastane. It is like a “second skin” with all of the comfort and mobility it offers all the while putting its great insulation system to keep you warm and dry through the most intense of your training session. It also utilizes Venum Compression technology that improves your blood circulation and help with reducing your recovery time. When it comes to the looks, it features large body muscles and a cool Venum logon printed on the front and back. The printing method used here is called sublimation printing which increases the durability of the Venum rashguard.