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BJJ Gear Sale for 2020



For Brazilian jiu-Jitsu practitioners, the key gear you need is a kimono. If you use a Gi, this might be the main gear item you want to invest your money on. A good quality Gi will last you a long time and be worth your investment. And because you’ll wear it so often, you’ll for sure pay off your investment quickly.

The variety of Gi’s available in the market is immense. So, with this much variety, how do you choose a Gi that’s perfect for you and your needs? What should you take into consideration when buying a Gi?


Your BJJ Gi should be comfortable. You can’t be worried about it scratching your skin while you’re fighting, so take that into consideration. It should also be easy to move in while fighting. BJJ Gi’s should be made of cotton fabric, in order for your kimono to be breathable. A Gi made of Pearl Weave, a very popular and good quality material, is usually lightweight and comfortable. Nowadays, some Gi’s have anti-microbial and anti-odor qualities. This means that the material went through a special treatment, that helps to prevent infections and bacteria to spread. Some Gi’s even have an anti-moisturizing quality, that keep your kimono from getting all wet after a sweaty fight. Other have features like a rubberized collar, that’s helps to control moisture absorption around the neck area.


A Gi shouldn’t be baggy nor super tight. It should fit your body type and have a perfect fit. If you buy your Gi online, make sure you check the brand’s size chart. This will help you understanding what size suits you best. You can even order multiple sizes and decide which one you feel the most comfortable in.


If you want to buy a Gi that will endure for some years, then pay attention to its durability. Check the material and stitching. Look for reviews online and see what other people say about the kimono you’re interested in buying. Will it last well after multiple washings? Will it maintain its original color? Will it start breaking apart after a few uses?


Nowadays, most BJJ Gi’s go through a preshrunk process. This allows the Gi to not shrink after its first washes. In order for it to last and stay true to size, you should wash your Gi in cold water and hang drying. If you want to know what’s the best way to wash your BJJ Gi, check this article. Beware that, if you wash your Gi in a high temperature and then put it in the dryer machine, it will very likely shrink.


Are you looking for a lightweight Gi, that’s perfect for summer and for you to use on your trainings? Or you want a heavier Gi, that’s stiffer and that fits you well? Either way, this should be pure preference and each BJJ practitioner has its own. The weight of a Gi makes a difference in competitions, regarding the weight category you are placed in. So, depending on your own body weight, also have this factor into consideration.


The most common Gi colors are white, black and blue. If you want to compete in IBJJF tournaments, they only allow Gi’s with these three colors. Also, the Gi must be of a uniform color. Nonetheless, there are multiple colors available in the market, such as pink, navy blue and even teal colored kimonos.


When choosing a Gi, the price is an important factor and that’s why you want to catch BJJ gi sale. If you have a bigger budget, you’ll have more Gi’s to choose from. Although pricier Gi’s are usually better quality, you can also find great Gi’s that are not that expensive. The variety of Gi’s available in the market is huge and there are many with good quality/price ratio.

Also, it’s important to realize how often you’ll really use your Gi. If you have BJJ practice multiple times per week, investing in a good kimono is probably the best option. You’ll wear it so often, that you’ll for sure pay off your investment quickly.



For no-Gi BJJ practitioners, a kimono is not needed. It’s replacements? A rash guard and a pair of shorts or spats. In fact, rash guards are used by Gi and no-Gi practitioners. Gi users often wear rash guards under their kimonos. Therefore, a rash guard in an essential item of the BJJ gear.

Its use has multiple advantages, such as facilitating movements and allowing for a better grip. Also, rash guards protect your skin against mat and Gi burning. In addition, they reduce the spread of bacteria and infections. Check of some of the most important decision-making factors when looking for a BJJ rash guard. Read mora about BJJ Rash gaurds sale.


A good rash guard should be made of a mix of Polyester and Elastane. This item should be tight to your body – that’s why they should have Elastane in its composition. At the same time, they can’t be too tight that they’ll restrict your movements. Rash guards need to be fitted and, at the same time, comfortable to wear. Some new models incorporate the AGTM compression technology, which provides comforts and easy mobility.

In order to avoid shifting, rash guards have inner silicone banding locks. This is a good feature to look forward since it will keep your rash guard locked down and provide grip.

Anti-bacterial technology

Another bonus feature is when rash guards are infused with anti-bacterial technology. This will make your rash guard much more hygienic since it will inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. Also, in combination with this, some also feature an anti-odor technology, that prevents intense sweat odor.

Moisture & temperature control

You’ll be sweating a lot on your rash guard. Therefore, this item needs to be breathable. The moisture control technology helps you to stay dry. It basically wicks away sweat, making your rash guard almost sweat proof.

Some rash guards have titanium coated fibers that help with temperature control. The titanium technology helps to optimize the body’s temperature, in order to maintain proper muscle function and support blood circulation.


A rash guard that will be durable should have good stitching. It should have reinforced stitching, so it can last you a long time. Also, you shouldn’t feel your rash guards’ stitching. It needs to be done in a way that’s comfortable to wear, without making you itch.


First of all, you can choose between a short sleeve and a long sleeve rash guard. Regarding the design, there’s an immense variety in the market. The different designs and styles available are countless, so you have plenty to choose from. Take into consideration that, if you want to compete in IBJJF tournaments, your rash guard’s colors must match your belt’s color.


Everyone has a budget. Depending on how much you want to spend, the quality of the rash guard also varies. You can decide to invest in a high quality one, that will be comfortable and perfect for training and competitions. Or you can choose one that’s less expensive and cover your basic needs. In any case, there are rash guards for every athlete at any level.



Continuing with the combat sports gear, grappling shorts are used by many practitioners. Alongside with rash guards, no-Gi BJJ practitioners use shorts on a daily basis. Either shorts or spats, depending on your preference, but let’s leave spats for later.

You’re constantly rolling on the mat when you train. Therefore, you need protection. Wearing something that you feel comfortable is key. It will help your movability and performance. What other aspects should you have in consideration when buying BJJ shorts?


Regarding material, your BJJ shorts should be lightweight and flexible, in order to provide freedom of movement. They should be made of a strong fabric, so they can be long lasting and wear well. The fabric should also be stretchy. It should be tear resistant. Another point consider is the logos and graphics in the shorts. These should be applied in a proper way, so the designs don’t crack nor peel over time.

Anti-bacterial technology

As previously mentioned, gear with anti-bacterial properties is much more hygienic to wear. This technology provides anti-odor performance, which is good for everyone, right?! There are also shorts with moisture reducing properties, that help you to avoid that feeling of too much sweat, since they don’t absorb moisture.

Size & Fit

Firstly, you have to choose the type of shorts you’re looking for. You can get either a board short or shorts made of compression fabrics, that will be tight to your skin. Depending on the martial art you practice, this might vary.

In any case, BJJ shorts can’t be too tight nor too loose, they have to fit you well. This way you can take the most advantage and really use them to their true purpose. If you’re buying online, don’t forget to look at the size chart provided by the seller. Don’t just assume your shorts will be the same size or the pants you wear every day. Some brands might offer true to size products, but others might produce smaller or perhaps oversized items. Beware of your shorts’ size and fit. It also depends on preference. Some might prefer a short with an athletic fit, others a baggier style short.


Why is it so important that BJJ shorts incorporate a bit of stretch? A stretchy fabric not only facilitates your movement, but also provides comfort. If the fabric was too stiff and rigid, you wouldn’t be able to feel comfortable while wearing your BJJ shorts.

Most shorts incorporate Velcro waistbands, to make sure there’s a secure fit and that the shorts stay in place. Some have double grip waistbands. No one wants to worry about their shorts coming loose while fighting, so pay attention to how they fit when you try them on.

Side slits also facilitate movement and provide more comfort to the shorts. In addition, the stitching and seam protection should be done in a way that doesn’t cause itchiness to the person wearing it.