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This is a very busy world and because of this, people often have to look for shortcuts as they have no time. Training for martial arts is an activity that requires a lot of effort and discipline, that includes nutritional care. Nowadays, carrying a water bottle and a meal box around with you during and after training sessions can be quite a hassle; sometimes so much that most people do not or don’t want to bother with all of the preparation and care. So what is a good alternative to this problem? Using a BJJ shaker bottle as it can fit in all of the protein or nutritional requirements for a meal. Read our reviews for The Best BJJ Blender Bottle Protein Shaker for 2020


The Best BJJ Blender Bottle Protein Shaker 

Blenderbottle Classic Loop Top

Blenderbottle is a famous brand that has been involved in the manufacture of a variety of protein bottle shakers. This particular model, which utilizes Loop-Top technology, is one of their most innovative and useful product for this date. The Loop-Top technology helps in keeping the lid and spurt locked tightly in one place until or unless you want to open or drink from it. The rest of the bottle shaker includes a hollow metal ball inside that acts as a mixer to the protein powder and the liquid you will pour. This helps in making the smoothest shake possible and with the least amount of effort.

GNC Pro Performance Blender Bottle

GNC is very well known for amazing products that will aid you in your BJJ routine. An example of one of such products is their Pro Performance Blender Bottle. Like many other shaker bottles, it also comes with a wire ball that makes it easier to mix the protein powder and the liquid of your choice. The bottle uses a simple screw-on lid and a flip cap, ideal for those who just want a fast and simple product. It is also leak proof with its construction out of BPA free plastic and a straightforward design. This is perfect for those athletes who just want a quick meal with minimum effort and do not want a complicated solution to an otherwise simple problem, i.e. their quick nutrition.

BottledJoy Electric Protein Shaker Bottle

Now, this is a shaker bottle with a little bit of technology involved. You are no longer restricted to preparing your shake at home but instead, you can use the electric shaker bottle to activate the blender on the go. This will give you a meal that is quickly and easily ready before any of your workout. The Electric shaker bottle also saves up a lot of trouble with the cleaning and mopping up of any mess, not to mention it is so compact that it does not even take up so much space as a regular shaker bottle. This ideal product by Bottled Joy is definitely one that everyone would want to have.

Umoro V3: The 3 in 1 Shaker Bottle

If you are one to find yourself at the lack of nutrition for a meal or simply more hydration via the shake, then Umoro V3 is the solution for you. This shaker bottle features a 3-in-1 design, meaning it is divided into three compartments, one being the water bottle, the shaker bottle being the second and a storage compartment being the last. The bottle itself is very portable and lightweight and is pretty leak proof so as to not spill out all of the components. It works just with the press of a button and the compartment holding your protein powder falls out and mixes with the liquid thus giving you a quick and convenient way of preparing a protein shake.

Homiguar Stainless Steel BJJ Shaker Bottle

The Homiguar Stainless steel BJJ shaker bottle gives a clear description of the unique feature about the product from its name. That’s right, stainless steel, you no longer have to drink from a plastic container if you don’t want to. Not to mention that the stainless steel container offers more durability and ease of cleanliness. One drawback is that you are not able to see through it as there is no transparency but there are small windows from which you can determine the ounces of our shake. It also has a leak-proof flip cap and a strap for carrying the shaker bottle around.

How to Pick Good  BJJ Blender Bottle Protein Shaker

Now, there are some factors that you need to be aware of if you want to choose the best protein bottle shaker to carry around. First, you would want a shaker that does not open up or leak when you are carrying it around in a gym bag or shaking it to prepare a drink. It also needs to be preparing you a shake that is not lumped up no matter the type of powder you are using. The importance of a good protein bottle shaker cannot be denied especially if you are in a hurry and need to grab a quick meal. Instead of reaching for food from a local vendor or junk food, you would have your protein shake prepared to well satiate the need for hydration and nutrition. As you continue down the article, you will find some of the best bottle shakers when it comes to your BJJ lifestyle, take a look.